Lace and Co – Romantic Fairytale Wedding Dresses and Vintage – Inspired Gowns

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on Lace and Co, an exclusive Bridal Boutique in Yorkshire thats specialises in romantic fairytale wedding dresses and vintage – inspired gowns, all with a hint of lace.

The beautiful vintage-inspired bridal boutique, which is located in the lovely village of Horbury hosts a collection of stunning wedding gowns from a range of designers.

The boutique showcases many beautiful wedding dresses with differing colour and embellishment from vintage creams to contemporary pastels, beautiful art deco motifs to sophisticated illusion panels and all with just a hint of Lace.

Additionally they hope to provide you with helpful tips and advice on all the latest styles, designs and colour palettes with Fabric and style guides.


Lace & Co bridal boutique, yorkshire bridal boutique, image Toast of Leeds , Heidi Waring - owner



I had a wee chat to the lovely Heidi Waring to find out more….


Who are you, and what do you do?

“We are a pretty bridal boutique, located in the lovely village of Horbury in Yorkshire that specialise in beautiful French lace bridal gowns and vintage-inspired 1950s and 1960s tea-length dresses.”

“We like to offer our brides something a little different to most contemporary bridal shops.”

“Our dream is to find the dress that perfectly matches each bride’s unique personality.”

“Whether that is a fun and flirty spotted tulle & lace 1950s wedding dress, a romantic fairytale ballgown, a vintage-inspired apricot tea-length dress or a divine elegant 1920s silk bridal gown.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“I am incurable romantic at heart and love anything wedding related but there is something particularly special about wedding gowns.”

“There are so many different styles available today, from the elegant 1920s and the 1930s art-deco styles to the gorgeous 1950s intricate lace, tea-length dresses and today’s more modern, sexy column gowns.”

“I spent years dreaming about having my own boutique filled with stunning, beautiful, wedding dresses and last year I finally decided to go for that dream and make it a reality.”


What inspires you?

“So many different things inspire and motivate me.”

“Ultimately I just want the boutique to be a fantastic success and somewhere that brides love to come and be happy that they’ve bought their dress from us.”

“I love looking at what other successful boutiques and other peers in the wedding industry do, I often to ask what works well for them and what advice they can offer.”

“In one of the first copies of Bridal Buyer I read, there was an article on Frou Frou in Tunbridge Wells and I just loved it.”

“I remember thinking “I love their style, they’ve got it right!”

“Every time a bride visits us and says how much she loves our little boutique and that she hasn’t experienced anything similar or seen dresses like ours anywhere else, I get even more inspired and motivated to get it absolutely right, for the brides and for myself.”


Do trends influence work?

“Trends are a vital part of the wedding industry, whether it is a trend in the styles of gowns, in the fabric used or even in the theme of a wedding.”

“I love the fact that there are so many different styles of wedding now that are absolutely ‘on trend’ such as 1950s, Vintage, Bohemian, Festival-themed, Contemporary, Woodland, the list goes on and on.”

“I also love that having a theme attached to a wedding can really help a bride focus her energies by planning her flowers, favours, photographer etc all around her theme.”

“However I also think it is very important that a bride’s personality doesn’t get lost in the process.”

“My favourite weddings are where the bride mixes it up with whatever works best for her and her hubbie.”

“I have a number of brides who are having a traditional church wedding but wearing a beautiful vintage-inspired dress and having a reception filled with lots of fun DIY and 1950s touches”

“In one wedding the bride is wearing spotty converse trainers to match her spotty wedding dress. Perfect!”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Opening the boutique last October was a dream come true and the culmination of many years hard work.”

“Each step since from the first dress arriving from the designer to the first sale to a bride and the first actual wedding has been a major milestone and another achievement.”

“Every time I have an appointment and the bride leaves smiling with her family I feel happy all over again that this is now the job I do and what an incredible privilege it is.”

“As we are fairly new, we haven’t won any awards as yet but we are receiving fantastic feedback and recommendations from brides.”

“We are now looking to enter a number of local and national awards under the categories of New Retailer and Best Customer Service.”

What do you see as the future of your Company?

“For now our aim is simply to develop our brand, get the message out about our lovely boutique and the wonderful personal service that we offer our brides and of course expand our gorgeous collection of wedding dresses.

“I would love for our boutique to be renowned for having the most exquisite, fun and beautiful wedding dresses as well as unbeatable customer service.”



Lace & Co bridal boutique, yorkshire bridal boutique, Image Credit - Toast of Leeds Photography

Lace & Co  bridal boutique, yorkshire bridal boutique, image credit - Toast of Leeds Photography

Lace & Co bridal boutique, yorkhsire bridal boutique, image Toast of Leeds photography

Wentworth Castle Garden vintage shoot by Toast of Leeds Photography, lace and co bridal boutique

Wentworth Castle Garden vintage shoot by Toast of Leeds Photography, lace and co bridal boutique



Thank you so much to Heidi for inviting us into her beautiful boutique.

For a little inspiration or a look at just a few of the beautiful wedding dresses they have in their collection, check out their lovely Collection Boards.


To Contact Lace & Co



Phone: 01924 277725






Al images (Boutique and on location in Wentworth Castle) courtesy – Toast of Leeds Photography

Blast from the Past – 80′s inspired Wedding and Party theme – Styling and Moodboard

Today we are looking at a blast from the Past with an 80′s inspired Wedding and Party theme  with styling tips, ideas and some  Moodboards.

Its an era that many of us grew up in, and its a really fantastic wedding and party idea to rekindle the excitement of our youth.

Who doesn’t remember dancing around like Madonna, swooning over Duran Duran or Wham and thinking we were the coolest thing to hit the planet.

I remember wearing this electric blue pencil skirt and a huge cream cowl neck cashmere sweater, and thinking I was practically a supermodel, and don’t even go there with the leg warmers and the fluorescent jewellery.

Despite the shame of it, its a really great era to revisit, and remember those happy days of our childhood.


80's inspired wedding, plans and presents moodboards, 80's inspired wedding styling, 80's inspired wedding moodboard


The influence of the 80′s theme on your reception can be as much or as little as you wish.

With there not being a set single colour, just neon bright you sometimes can have a wee bit more freedom with your styling.

If you start with an ordinary pale base with your tablecovers, colour could be brought through in overlays, table runners or napkins.

Each table could use a different colour to accentuate, and if you  like chair covers each could have differing colours of sashes.

Dependant on your chair style you can alternatively hang colourful neon ribbons from the chair backs.

Floral decoration in bold shades could brighten up a paler reception background and you can just let your mind run free with colourful expression.

Candles in differing shades could be used in candelabras to blend with mixed floristry and foliage.

The flowers of the bride and her attendants, and the men’s boutonnieires could also be in differing colours.

Brightly coloured paper lanterns and tissue pom poms are both pretty and also a great empty space filler, making the plainest corner look gorgeous.

For wedding attire, the Bride can remain in neutral in ivory or white, with the addition of some colourful or neon shoes.

Bridesmaids could be dressed in differing neon brights.

For the boys you could jazz up the look with colourful ties, cummerbands,waistcoats and socks or dependant on how relaxed/casual your Wedding is, different coloured Coverse.

Prior to the Event you can give your guests a sneaky peek into the vibrancy of your day by bringing in the theme through your Wedding invitations.

On the day the placecards, menu’s and tableplans could be influenced too, think 80′s movies, music of the day, popular 80′s gizmo’s as inspiration.

For your wedding cake, you get to think completely outside the box….and literally go wild with the rubix cube, pacman and extremity of colour all being a good place to start.

For reasonably priced favours, colourful candy such as skittles or M and M’s or jellybeans could be given in differing colours of organza bag, cookies in the shape of pacman or mini rubix cubes would pack an 80s punch.

Depending how brave you are the influence from this theme can be subtle or full on but its sure to  be fun!



80′s theme Wedding Moodboard Credits

Line 1: Cassette tape table centrepiece, Alfred Sung Bridesmaid gowns, Bridal Bouquet, Mini rubix Cube favour

Line: 2: Wedding Cake, Dessert Bar, Buttonhole, Jimmy Choo shoes

Line 3: Place Setting, Escort Cards, Wedding Table, 80s Movie Table plan

Line 4: Bride and Groom, Wedding Invitation, Place setting, Jello shots


I also want to share some Party or event inspiration running along the same theme….


 80's inspired party,  80's inspired party moodboard,  80's inspired party styling



For decoration think black with big neon brights such as pink and green, images of Rubix cubes, Care bears, Pacman, even colourful shapes to adorn the walls, or quotes form the ultimate 80′s cool movie “Ferris Buellers Day off”.

For table centrepieces go through your garages, wardrobes and lofts, there are bound to be 80′s throwbacks like old 45′s, old phones, and gadgets.

Don’t forget the mini rubix cubes too.

For food think bright fruity cocktails, cheese, pickle and pineapple on sticks, little finger sandwiches, jelly bracelets, prawn cocktail crisps, twiglets, vol au vents.

Also retro sweets – Wham Bars, Gold Niggets, flying saucers, space dust, and lots of colourful jelly.

And get hold of a Soda Stream if you can, theyare just becoming popular again.

Add in colourful tableware, neon straws and glow in the dark ice cubes and you are all set.

For your musical choice, its all down to your personal taste, but Rick Astley, Bananarma, Culture club were huge in that time.

For attire this is when anything really goes, stone washed denim was really popular.

Leg warmers, wayfarer sunglasses, lovely dayglo stilleto’s, and the very stylish fingerless gloves.

For a cake why not consider a giant Pacman or Rubix cube cake, or something in a simple neon colour.

Use post it notes on the walls [ these were invented in the 80's] and write hip phrases, and words of the time on them, like Rad and Awesome etc


80′s Theme Party Moodboard Credits

Line 1: 80′s Carrie Bradshaw, Birthday cake, party invitation

Line: 2: Party bags, party accessories, party decor

Line 3: Dessert Bar, Party Table, Rubix Cube centrepiece


Whether its an 80′s inspired Wedding or just a very cool party, it can be amazing to recapture something of our past.


Hip Hip Hooray – Wedding & celebration stationery with a ground breaking approach

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the utterly fabulous Hip Hip Hooray and their ground breaking approach to Wedding and Celebration stationery.

This brand new British brand  know the thought that goes into planning a special occasion, and they know you’ll want paper goods which complement & bring together all the little details.

So with Hip Hip hooray they have created a one-stop-shop where you can choose entire stationery suites to match.

Their Wedding & Celebration stationery collections each have 14 coordinating items,  so you can achieve complete cohesion without having to shop around.



HIP HIP HOORAY STYLED PACKAGING SHOT, wedding stationery, celebration stationery, hip hip hooray stationery



I spoke to the lovely Jenny Adjene about the business she runs with husband Emiko….


Who are you, and what do you do?

“We’re a small, family run company based in Devon, UK.”

“We have big ambitions and a brand new website providing a ground-breaking approach to wedding & celebration stationery.”

“We offer beautiful designs that Brides & Grooms can customise themselves online, so they get to see exact live previews of how their order will look.”

“We’re also different to other companies in that all our products can be printed from home or taken to a local print company.”

“Alternatively, our customers can have their stationery printed by us and shipped for free within a few short days.”

“We’re determined to keep our prices super competitive, as we don’t believe that providing great style in stationery should take an age, or cost the earth!”


When and why did you start your Company?

“I am very experienced in the world of wedding stationery, having previously founded another boutique stationery design studio In the Treehouse.”

“Through this experience I came to see first hand how as a Bride-to-be, on average you’d need to spend a small fortune and wait at least 3 – 6 weeks to have an order completed.”

“We set about to change this by offering the same great design standards, but all the while building a great brand, and a clever website that allows clients to edit the stationery themselves.”

“Not only does this make the order process much quicker for Brides, but means we can keep our costs down too and in return, offer great prices.”

“We also offer lots of great little extras, such as free printable (fully customised) place cards and escort cards in every single collection.”


What inspires you?

“I could spend hours browsing blogs and magazines of all kinds, and am very inspired by striking design, be it retro, floral, typography, whimsical – I’m drawn to quite an eclectic array of styles and hope this shows throughout our portfolio.”


Do trends influence your work?

“Creatively, we love keeping up with the ever emerging trends in fashion, film and culture.”

“Ultimately these filter through to the wedding & party industry, and we love playing a role in translating such themes into beautiful and accessible design.”

“It’s a challenge as nothing stays still for very long, so we have to keep our eyes wide open and plan our collections to make sure we are offering what people want.”

“We’re also really excited about our Designers Programme, whereby we’ll be selling carefully curated stationery collections from leading UK and worldwide designers and illustrators.”

“This will allow us to offer such a great range of styles and themes all under one roof, while giving designers a great opportunity to earn from their work without the responsibilities and admin headaches that can come with running your own stationery company.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“It’s hard to pick a single greatest achievement.”

“In terms of business – as we are constantly striving for more, and find that over time, our ambitions and expectations grow.”

“We’re a very new company and I like to think the future is bright, but for now – I think just getting to this point, having launched our website gives us a great starting point from which to grow.”

“We spent over a year intensively planning, finding funding, designing and testing our brand, concept and website – so it’s great to finally say, we’re here!”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“We aim to be the leading brand in wedding, celebration  and Event stationery both in the UK and in many countries abroad.”

“At the heart of this is providing great products, great customer service and the commitment to keep ourselves relevant, on trend and offering the design standard that today’s very discerning brides and grooms seek.”



 HIP HIP HOORAY About Us, wedding stationery, celebration stationery, hip hip hooray stationery

Airmail Wedding Stationery Suite Collection, HIp Hip Hooray

Candy Colours Confetti Alphabet Bunting, Hip Hip Hooray

Chalk Board Wedding Stationery Collection, Hip Hip Hooray

Country Fete Wedding Invitation Suite, Hip Hip Hooray

Deco wedding stationery collection,  Hip Hip Hooray

Geometric Wedding Stationery Coral and Mint Aqua,  Hip Hip Hooray

Kraft & Lace Save the Date, Hip Hip Hooray

Multi Purpose Wedding & Party Sign, Hip Hip Hooray

Photo Booth Signs, Hip Hip Hooray

Simply Floral Wedding Table Name Card , Hip Hip Hooray



Thank you to Jenny and Emiko for sharing their incredible Wedding and celebration stationery range with us.

Its so lovely when your receive something gorgeous in the post, and what amazing stationery to be able to send your friends and family as an insight to your Event.


From personal experience I can testify the beauty of these wee paper pretties.

The colours, textures, design and look are just divine and would be a beautiful accompaniment to any celebration.



To Contact Hip Hip Hooray








A beautiful Ayrshire Wedding at Lochgreen House – Images by Imagine Images

Today I am thrilled to share the beautiful Ayrshire Wedding of Melanie and Alan captured at the stunning Lochgreen House.

Images of the day were captured by Imagine Images.


bride and groom, ayrshire beach, lochgreen hoiuse, imagine images


Imagine Images are a team of two experienced professional photographers – a partnership in photography as well as in life.

Based in South Lanarkshire, they cover weddings primarily throughout Scotland however have travelled further afield.

Their shared passion for photography means they are very fortunate to be doing a job we love and strive to capture wedding days to perfection.


Ross and Kirsty say of the Couple and their day….


“We met Melanie and Alan in July 2013 as they were planning their wedding for March 2014 and immediately felt like we’d known them for years.”

“We really enjoyed chatting through their wedding plans and hearing all of their ideas for the big day.”

” We met a few months prior to the wedding for their engagement shoot, and despite trying to stay out of the rain on the day, had great fun again.”

“Melanie had included her daughter in to their engagement shoot and it was lovely to get to know her too.”

“Our overall memories of Melanie and Alan’s day are, simply, that it was great fun.”

“We had to contend with a bit of wind and rain as we went down to the nearby beach for some shots but I think it added to the fun of it all.”

“And, of course, there was the ‘Made In Chelsea’ pose! Melanie had e-mailed us a few days prior to the wedding with the idea for this image that she’d like to re-create.”

“I think the full bridal party had a great laugh in posing for this – and we had great fun setting it up too!”

“It really was great to be part of such a happy occasion.”


I now hand over to beautiful Bride Melanie….


How did you meet?

“We met in the Shed nightclub in Shawlands, Glasgow.”

“Alan had been at a Burn’s supper and turned up in the Shed wearing a kilt, I was immediately attracted.”

“After a few dances and banter we exchanged numbers and that was it.”

When and how did you get engaged?

“Alan proposed to me in Bangkok, Thailand.”

“We stayed in a very plush hotel with breathtaking sights of the city, our room was 21 floors up.”

“After a long day of sightseeing I was chilling by the window with a beer looking at the Bangkok sky line, and when I turned round Alan was on one knee with the ring.”


Tell us about your Planning journey

“As an engagement gift, a friend bought us a wedding planner book.”

“Looking at the content of the planner we realised that planning a wedding was going to be bigger than first expected.”

“Our top priority was getting the perfect venue. We looked at around 5 or 6 venues from castles to town halls before finally settling on Lochgreen House Hotel, Troon.

“From our initial meeting at the Lochgreen we knew we were in good hands.”

“We then decided to get all the big, costly items booked which included the band and the photographers.”

“With the photographers we met 4 and chose our favourite, Imagine Images.”

“Imagine are a young couple like ourselves and Kirsty had lots of ideas which I just loved.”

“We adopted the same approach with our band, we looked at 4 or 5 online and chose our favourite, Suga Rush.”

“The band were outstanding on our wedding night and had learnt our first dance song perfectly which was Star Girl by McFly.”

“Our guests danced all night, Suga Rush created the perfect party atmosphere.”

“From then on decisions were made in the same fashion look at a few different options, choose one.”

“I wish I could say the same about my wedding dress, that was more like – look at 25, choose one, change mind, look at 5 more, choose one, change mind and go back to original choice, and so on.”

“Perfect choice made in the end, big thanks to Anne Priscilla!


When was your Wedding?

“We were married on 22nd March 2014.”


What was the best bit of your day?

“From beginning to end our day was brilliant but a particular highlight was at the end of the night when the band played Loch Lomond. We got lifted on to the usher’s shoulders whilst our friends and family cheered us on.

“It was a great end to a perfect day.”


What advice would you give to other Brides and Grooms ?

“When planning, go with your gut instinct.”

“Research well, arrive at your choice, do it and don’t look back.”

“Also be sure to have wedding planning free weekends to clear your mind. Enjoy the ride!”


ayrshire wedding, lochgreen house, painted heart , imagine images

groom and groomsmen getting ready, lochgreen house, imagine images

groom getting ready, lochgreen house, imagine images

groom getting ready, lochgreen house, imagine images

lochgreen house troon, imagine images

lochreen house hotel, imagine images

wedding rings, imagine images

imagine images, groom and groomsmen, lochgreen house troon

lochgreen house treen, imagine images, whisky room

wedding dress, wedding invitation, imagine images

bride and flowergirl, imagine images, lochgreen house

wedding shoes, imagine images

purple wedding flowers, imagine images

bride and bridesmaids, imagine images

bride getting ready, imagine images

bride, birdcage veil, imagine images

flowergirl, bridesmaid, lochgreen house, imagine images

bride, bircage veil, lochgreen house, imagine imaes

bride and bridesmaids, imagine images

bride, bridesmaids, purple flowers, lochgreen house, imagine images

bride, father of the bride, bridesmaids, lochgreen house, imagine images

bride, father of the bride, lochgreen house, imagine images

bridal processional, wedding ceremony, imagine images, lochgreen house

bride, groom, father of the bride, wedding ceremony, lochgreen house, imagine images

wedding ceremony, lochgreen house, imagine images

wedding ceremony, lochgreen house, imagine images

wedding ceremony, imagine images, lochgreen house

reading, lochgreen house, wedding ceremony, imagine images

lochgreen house, wedding ceremony, imagine images

bride and groom recessional, imagine images, lochgreen house

confetti shot, imagine images, lochgreen house

drinks reception, lochgreen house, imagine images

drinks reception, bride and groom, lochgreen house, imagine images

imageine images, bride and groom, lochgreen house

beach, bridal parasol, bride and groom, imagine images

bride and groom, beach, lochgreen house, imagine images

bride and groom, beach, imagine images

bride and groom, beach, imagine images

bride and groom, beach, imagine images

made in chelsea shot, lochgreen house, imagine images

lochgreen house, imagine images, bride and groomA beautiful Ayrshire Wedding at Lochgreen House - Images by Imagine Images -

bride and groom, flowergirl, table plan, imagine images, lochgreen house

wedding flowers, lochgreen house, imagine images

reception room, imagine images, lochgreen house

wedding cake, lochgreen house, sugar and spice troon, imagine images

place cards, imagine images

wedding speeches, lochgreen house, imagine images

wedding speeches, imagine images, lochgreen house

wedding speeches, lochgreen house, imagine images

wedding speeches, lochgreen house, imagine  images

bride and groom kiss, lochgreen house, imagine images

first dance, imagine images, lochgreen house

lochgreen house, imagine images, dancing

dancing, lochgreen house, imagine images

lochgreen house, imagine images,



Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Lochgreen House Hotel

Dress – Anne Priscilla

Hair and make-up – Kylie MacBeth of The Aisle Hair and Beauty

Flowers – Kirsties, Troon

Cake – Sugar and Spice, Troon

Photographers – Imagine Images

Kilts – MacGregor and MacDuff, Glasgow

Room Dressing – Lily Special Events

Band – Suga Rush through Hire-A-Band

Sign – Giddy Kipper


“We would also like to give special thanks to our bridal party of bridesmaids, flower girls, best man and ushers were a great help.”

“They were on hand all day and partied hard and fast long in to the night.”

“Their smiles and enthusiasm made the day even more special and we are so grateful for such great friends and family.”


Thanks very much to Imagine for sharing their fantastic imagery and this stunning Ayrshire Wedding.


To Contact Imagine Images



Phone: 01698-794937




LHG Designs – Luxe Collection launch and Special Offer

Today I am thrilled to welcome back Blog Sponsor LHG designs with the launch of the Luxe Collection and some special offers for Brides looking for their Bridal Accessories.


luxe collection, LHG Designs



You have got the dream dress – you know the one you have been thinking about most of your life.

It may have changed slightly from the vision you had when you were 8 years old – but still you have found that perfect dress that signifies the start of a whole new life.

Wow, it has just sunk in.


After making such a decision it takes awhile for it to settle in your mind.

But soon once planning pace picks up again it’s time to think about  bridal accessories for the dream dress.

So many choices and such a range of prices – where do you start? Here, right here.

Take the hand of LHG Designs and let Louise gently guide you to taking the next big decision on completing your vision.


LHG Designs want to know about your hopes and dreams, your dress style, what the maids are wearing, the venue, the theme you have been obsessing over for month and months.

Having accessorised hundreds of brides to this day, each and every bride will gain knowledge and inspiration from Louise’s design background and passion for helping others.

There is no stuffiness about the service LHG Designs offers.

Genuine, friendly, beautiful products that are just waiting for you to try on.

Let’s explore what wonderful designs Louise has in the second stage release of the 2014 collection.


The Goddess collection was launched earlier in the year – taking inspiration from Roman Goddesses and the wonderful Art Nouveau movement.

The second phase called Luxe is now available.

Still with the Goddess names and inspiration the Luxe collection offers indulgent bridal hair accessories and jewellery with timeless style.

Delicate detailed beadwork, seed beads, pearls and rhinestones all placed on extra comfortable headbands or ribbon wrapped combs makes this collection even more enticing.


Prices range from £80 – £250 but if you sign up to LHG Designs Newsletter you will join the VIP access area where you will get 50% off selected accessories and gain access a day before public release.

This offer will be available at the start of each month for 1 week only and with a limited number available. Only 10!

LHG Designs wants to keep their personal service a priority so make sure you become one of those lucky 10 to grab a bargain each month.


luxe bridal belt, LHG Designs


luxe condordia headband, LHG Designs

luxe cuff, LHG Designs

luxe Cuff , LHG Designs

luxe maia headband, LHG Designs,

luxe spes headband, LHG Designs

luxe venus headband, LHG Designs

maia headband, LHG Designs, image Beloved Photography

luxe collection, LHG Designs, Image by Beloved Photography



Can’t wait for this to star?… then don’t worry they have something amazing to offer you!

LHG Designs is offering one of our lucky readers a chance to WIN £100 of accessories from the LUXE range.

All you need to do is Register on their website then post a comment saying what your favourite design is on their blog HERE



LHG Designs, Bridal Accessories competition



Thank you so much to Louise for sharing the gorgeous Luxe Collection.

Please do check back with us at the beginning of June as we have teamed up with LHG Designs to offer you another amazing opportunity exclusive to Plans and Presents readers.


Image Credits (Shoot)

Hair – City Brides
Make-Up – Womankind Beauty
Photography – Beloved Photography
Hair Accessories – LHG Designs
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