UK Bridal Industry eBay Auction In Aid of DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal

Tonight see’s the start of a Bridal Industry Ebay Auction in aid of the DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal.

The Auction will start at 8pm today, 24th November 2014 and run for 7 days. There are £15,000 worth of items up for grabs.


UK Bridal Industry , eBay Auction,   DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal


Kirsty Griffiths of Yarwood White  explains…


What are we doing ?

“We have brought the UK bridal industry together to raise money and help to do our bit to fight back against Ebola and to put and end to the death and destruction that it
is causing to communities across West Africa.”

“We have donations from fabulous companies such as the stunnnig Ritva Westenius (dress worth £3,400) and Luxury wedding planners offering services worth £5,000!”

“Other fabulous names are Flo & Percy, Dune, Harriet Wilde, Benjamin Roberts, Glitzy Secrets, Jo Barnes Vintage, Chez Bec, Polly Edwards, Lily Bella to name but a few.”

“The items for sale include wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, hair accessories, shoes, wedding planners, photographers, and hair and makeup artists.”

“All of the donated items will are be listed with description and image via”

“100% of the final sale price will go direct to the DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal, and purchases will also be eligible for gift aid, increasing the amount reaching the charities who need the money most.”


Ritva Westenius Wedding Dress, UK Bridal Industry,  eBay Auction, DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal

chezbec, UK Bridal Industry,  eBay Auction , DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal


Why Are We Doing It ?

“The explosive spread of Ebola in West Africa is not just killing the infected but rippingapart health services, devastating communities, and destroying people’s ability to support themselves.”

“Nearly 5,000 people have died and over 10,000 have been infected by the Ebola virus. The outbreak is not only a health crisis, but also humanitarian crisis with global dimensions.”

“Already fragile health services are not able to contain this outbreak, with a severe lack of trained health workers and vital equipment, as well as a dangerous lack ofknowledge within communities about how to prevent the spread of the disease.”

“If the Ebola outbreak continues to grow unabated, the global famine warning system predicts West Africa could experience a major food crisis by January.”

“DEC member agencies and their partners are working urgently to help stop the spread of the disease and providing support to those affected by the crisis.”

“They need every penny that they can get. That is why we feel we need to help and are trying to raise money to support their work.”


UK Bridal Industry, eBay Auction, DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal

benjamin adams shoes, UK Bridal Industrym,  eBay Auction, DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal


You can help by letting people know about the Auction so that as much money can be raised as possible to help those that need it the very most.


To view the Auction items – Bridal Industry Ebay Auction

A Frozen inspired Wedding Theme Moodboard & styling ideas

Today it gives me great pleasure to share a Frozen inspired Wedding Theme Moodboard and styling ideas for an icy, snowy winter wedding day.

Taking certain elements from one of our favourite Disney movies inspiration can be found for an elegant celebration.


 Frozen inspired Wedding Theme, A Frozen inspired Wedding Theme Moodboard , Frozen inspired Wedding Theme  styling ideas , frozen wedding, frozen wedding theme


The setting of the film was loosly based on Norway, with much reference to Scandinavian culture

The Norwegian Fjords, which are the massive vertical rock formations, serve as the setting for the secluded kingdom of Arendelle; the medieval stave churches, whose rustic triangular rooflines and shingles inspire the castle compound; and the rosemaling folk art, whose distinctive paneling and grid patterns informed the architecture, decor, and costumes.

The colour palette suggested for this wedding or party theme would be white, silver or ice blue or elements of them all.


A marquee would work best for venue but similarly a large hall or spacious room could be transformed with some imaginative drapery.

Lighting plays a key role and twinkle lights in the marquee or hall ceiling would give the impression of the wonderful night sky in the north.

Clever use of blue uplighters around the corners of your room would give the effect of an icy void, and the feel of an enchanting Ice Palace.


For table presentation, crisp white table linens accessorised with silver, deep purple or pale ice blue napkins, and if choosing chair covers, pale blue,  or silver sashes.

For table names think names of characters..Elsa, Ana, Olaf etc, or places such as Arendelle or the ice palace or quotes like “So you want to build a Snowman” Some people are worth melting for”

For centrepieces a mirrored plate would give the effect of an icy pool.

In the middle of these plates, various arrangements would be effective.

– A  hurricane lamp with a large church candle surrounded by white or blue blooms

– A crystal or white candelabra with pale blue or striking white candles

– Frosted vases

– Accentuate with crystals and pearls for a jewel like characteristic to symbolise the ice.

Other venue dressing ideas to follow your theme would be to have some professional ice sculptures for the Wow factor or consider fire lamps.


The theme can be brought through in the wedding attire.

Stunning ice blue, or silver gowns for the Bridesmaids complimented with some stunning silver heels and matching cravats, cummerbands and waistcoats for the gents to go with their sharp suits or tuxedos.

For hair think long loose braids, and for make up you can either go for ethereal natural beauty or have a frosted, shimmering look


Stationers will encompass your specific colour scheme into their bespoke designs and your invitations are the first impression that guests get of your special day or event.

A design that has a little bit of sparkle or a snowflake motif will blend beautifully.


For a wintry twist on the Champagne reception, consider having hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, hot apple cider, mulled wine or egg nog as a warming alternative.


For floristry beautiful blooms with blue hues or vibrant purple tones will be a striking compliment to the dazzling white of the bridal gown.

You could also consider topiary tree’s with twinkle lights at the entrance to your venue, or as with one of the table arrangement ideas, you could have large vases of white or silver twigs to continue through a glittering forest aspect of your theme.


For your cake, a wintry theme could be followed through in the classic white of the cake perhaps enhanced by silver ribbons or snowflake motif.


Moodboard Credits

Line 1: Wedding Centrepiece, Wedding Favour Box, Bridal Bouquet, Hair braid

Line 2: Bride and Groom, Place Setting, Wedding Tablescape, Wedding Cake

Line 3: Wedding Cocktail, Dessert Bar, Alfred Angelo Bridal Gown, Charlotte Mills Bridal shoes

Line 4: Wedding Stationery, Reception space, Bridesmaid gown, Winter Groom


Editors Pick


Silver snowflake jewel votive – Primrose and Plum


silver-snowflake-jewel-votive, primrose and plum, frozen wedding theme


Sterling silver Snowflake Necklace – SilverSynergy


_silver-snowflake-necklace, silver synergy, frozen wedding theme


Silver  and Crystal Snowflake Decoration – Rosie Willett Designs


original_handmade-snowflake-decoration, rosie willett design, frozen wedding theme


Snowflake Paper Decorations – The Sweet Hostess


original_snowflake-paper-decorations, the sweet hostess , frozen wedding theme


Snowflake winter themed Wedding Invitations – Beautiful Day


snowflake-winter-themed-wedding-invitations, beautiful day stationery , frozen wedding theme


Frozen inspired Flowergirl Tutu - Mrs W Tutus


mrs w tutus, ice blue tutu, frozen inspired flowergirl Tutu


I hope these Frozen inspired Wedding ideas have given you some inspirations for your own Event.

Whatever aspects of this theme you bring to your event, your guests will be wowed and their hearts warmed and it may even inspire a wee song….Let it Goooooooo !

Clink Design – Lovingly handcrafted bespoke wedding stationery

Today I am excited to welcome Clink Design, and their lovingly handcrafted bespoke wedding stationery as a shiny new Blog Sponsor.

Laura recently won my  Blog Birthday Sponsorship Giveaway, and I am delighted to have her on board.

The Brand is based in Worcestershire.


Pansy invitation, clink design, wedding stationery


I hand over to Laura to tell you all about her blossoming Business…


Who are you and what do you do ?

“Hi, I’m Laura and have recently launched a new wedding stationery business, Clink design. I’m the designer/owner and everything else in between.”


Why, and when did you create Clink ?

“It’s been quite a journey on the road to setting up Clink.”

“Just under a year ago I was working my day job, had a lovely boyfriend and two very large, very fluffy doggies.”

“Every year we all go to our favourite place in the world and escape for a weekend in Woolacombe.”

“This year was no different, or so I thought, until one ridiculously hot day on our usual coastal path walk, my boyfriend decided to become my fiancé. Literally best day ever!”

“Having studied graphic design and my day job consisting of a lot of brochure/web design work, I couldn’t wait to get home and crack on with designing my own wedding stationery.”

“I had no idea of what type of wedding I wanted so just started creating all sorts of designs that I felt looked a little different from those I had been receiving over the past few years.”

“I took a lot of inspiration from bright flowers and bold colours moving away from the conventional ivory card with the usual calligraphic fonts. I wanted different and I wanted wow.”

“Every few days or so I would say to my fiancé what do you think of this, or do you like this colour?”

“By the time we had chosen a venue and decided a date I had so many designs saved on my computer I couldn’t decide on my own favorite!”

“I left it to my fiancé to choose and the beautiful rustic theme he has opted for is perfectly in fitting with our venue.”

“He then turned and said to me I’d been working so hard on all of these designs it would be a shame no one would ever get to see them.”

“So we had a think, had a drink (well quite a few), and created Clink! We decided that I needed to share these designs with all the other bride to be’s out there.”

“Things all of a sudden propelled into madness and I decided to just really go for it.”

“I compiled all the designs I had come up with for myself and worked around the clock completing a website, a business plan and finalising designs, fitting it all in around my day job and organising my own wedding.”

“I finally launched Clink on 04/11/14.”


Whats your greatest achievement ?

“So far the greatest achievement was switching the Clink website live on that Tuesday. I sat with my best friend, ‘pressed the button’, then made a very loud squeal.”

“After all the long nights and weekends sat at the computer it was finally worth it! Clink was live and on the internet.”

“My brother has been a great first customer (well he didn’t pay, so not technically a customer…!), letting me design a full stationary range for his wedding next year.”


Whats the future for Clink?

“I hope Clink brings a smile to the faces of all engaged couples out there and brings something different to the table in the world of wedding stationery.”

“I’d like my designs to evolve with wedding trends and customer requests but at the same time remain true to my own and Clink’s values of ‘wanting different’ and ‘wanting wow”

“Enjoy the sparkle!”


Beauty invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

Candyfloss invitation, wedding stationery, clink design

Dusty invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

Floral mint_coral, clink design, wedding stationery

Fresco invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

Hibiscus invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

Scatter invitation, clink design , wedding stationery

Zig Zag invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

vine invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

wedding stationery, clink design, dotty invitation


Thank you so much to Laura for sharing her fresh exciting Wedding Stationery designs, and I cannot wait to see what big things happen for this fab new Brand.


To Contact Clink Wedding Stationery



Phone: 07814 599 661




MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa Wedding Blog Catch up

Good Morning, and welcome to MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa Wedding Blog Catch up.

Today I want to share the prettiness as we look back on the fabulous features of this past week.


MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog , Blog Catch up, november 23rd 2014


To kick off the week I was excited as Glorious Tiaras launched its 2015 bridal accessories collection, influenced by the vintage age of Hollywood glamour.

Glorious Tiaras is owned by accessory designer Heidi Reid, and is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

All Glorious Tiaras accessories are hand crafted to unique designs, using high-end materials, by Heidi.

See feature link for a 10% discount.


glorious tiaras, bridal accessories, 10% discount, 2015 collection, MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog, Blog Catch up


Glorious Tiaras – The show stopping 2015 bridal accessories collection


On Monday afternoon I was thrilled to share a stunning Dorset Wedding with a hint of a chocolate theme and a palette of turquoise blue.

Sometimes in life things mount against you but an unstoppable, unyeilding, unsurmountable love will carry you through even when the going gets really tough.

Debe and Robins story has touched my heart and even in the midst of difficult situations their beautiful Wedding brought sunshine back when sadness overshadowed the day.

Images of the day were captured by Anna B Photography.


MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa,  Wedding Blog, Blog Catch up, dorset wedding, chocolate theme, turqoise blue palette


A stunning Dorset Wedding with a hint of a chocolate theme and a palette of turquoise blue


On Tuesday I was thrilled to share this beautiful backyard Literary theme Wedding with a Jesus Piero Wedding Dress.

I previously featured their incredible Ullswater Engagement Shoot.

Images of the day were captured by Julie Anne Images.


MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog, Blog Catch up, farnham literary wedding, julie anne images, backyard wedding, book theme, purple palette


A beautiful backyard Literary theme Wedding with a Jesus Piero Wedding Dress


On Wednesday I was delighted to share this gorgeous Stoke Rochford Hall Wedding with lots of Tartan and Dolly Mixture detail.

Images of the day were captured by Harvey & Harvey Photography.


MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog, Blog Catch up, Harvey and harvey photography, tartan wedding, stoke rochford hall


A Stoke Rochford Hall Wedding with Tartan and Dolly Mixture detail


On Thursday I was thrilled to share a gorgeous winter wedding photoshoot with lots of glitter and sparkle inspiration.

The Photoshoot was brought together by Mwai of 9ice Events after she recently attended a wedding fair at the Cantley House Hotel; and was struck with admiration for the beautiful location.

She came to the conclusion that with the cold mornings, snow and Christmas approaching, she should create a mini intimate cosy winter wedding photo shoot so brought together an amazing collaborative team.

Images were captured by Summers Photography.


Glitter and Sparkle,  Winter Wedding inspired Photoshoot , 9ice events, collaborative team, summers photography, MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog, Blog Catch up


Glitter and Sparkle – A Winter Wedding inspired Photoshoot 


On Friday I talked about one of my favourite movies “Love Actually”

Its one of those movies that you can slip into like comfy slippers at any point and it will warm your soul.

I saw the movie with my fiance at the time, and we both loved it so much that we used some of the movie music for our Wedding.

We came back down the aisle after signing the Register to PM’s Theme.

But watching it made me think how the relationships in the movie can apply to us all…


love actually, what the movie can teach us, MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog, Blog Catch up


Love Really is All Around – What “Love Actually” can teach us ! 

I hope you savoured your Cuppa, and this round up of the Week on the Wedding Blog Catch Up.

I look forward to sharing many more lazy Sunday Mornings with you.

Love MrsPandP x


Love Really is All Around – What “Love Actually” can teach us !

The other evening I watched one of my favourite movies “Love Actually”

Its one of those movies that you can slip into like comfy slippers at any point and it will warm your soul.

I saw the movie with my fiance at the time, and we both loved it so much that we used some of the movie music for our Wedding.

We came back down the aisle after signing the Register to PM’s Theme.


YouTube Preview Image


But watching it made me think how the relationships in the movie can apply to us all…

Cherish those we love as they can be taken too soon… This has been brought home to me with my own health dramas.

I am fine BUT sometimes people aren’t and those we love can be gone in the blink of an eye…Cherish them.

Life may not be a so called fairy tale all the time, but to have that person who has your back and is “your person” IS the fairytale.


YouTube Preview Image


Never ever take loved ones for granted or look the other way because something all flashy and new looks more exciting.

Trust is a fragile thing, and once its gone its so hard to get back.

Know that there is someone out there for all of us. I was an unrequited love with someone for  years and he didn’t even know I existed in that way [family friend], but I did get over it.


YouTube Preview Image


Just when you think all is lost along comes someone who was completely not what what you were looking for but turns out to be totally right.

They can be something you don’t expect or imagine suiting you, but if its right, its right and sometimes you have to take a chance on happiness.


YouTube Preview Image


Never underestimate the power of young love…… It might not be about passion but the feeling can be just as strong. The airport scene with the young lad Sam running to his Joanna kills me every single time!!!


YouTube Preview Image


And just to finish and due to my personal thoughts that the country would be in a much better state with Hugh Grant as PM, is the man himself  and his wiggle…


YouTube Preview Image


The overwhelming moral of the story is be open to love, its out there, if its meant to be, it will……

And when you have it, don’t waste your chance of happiness……it is a beautiful thing.

Love really is all around….

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