A intimate & romantic Croatian couples shoot in Dubrovnik

Today I am thrilled to share this intimate & romantic Croatian couples shoot in Dubrovnik.

Images were captured by Sandrachile Photography.

Sandra Villarroel, the eye behind the lens was born and raised in Chile, but now lives in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania (USA).

She is a passionate rabbit lover, a ferocious advocate for animal welfare, and a supporter of conscious living.

She is in love with taking pictures of fascinating individuals, whom like myself, are free spirited, wanna travel the world, like to laugh out loud, wanna eat without gaining weight and most of all, want to never be silent about things that matter.

She specialises in photographing FUN couples who like to do things a lil’ bit different, who treat their wedding day as a chance to celebrate their personalities, and who celebrate their personalities by embracing the spontaneity of life.

When you hire her, you will have a photographer who “gets you” like a friend would, someone who understands that you are passionate about living, and will capture this special day with the intensity and creativity that your soul deserves.


Sandra says of the shoot…


I was lucky enough to visit the incredible coastal town of Dubrovnik in Croatia before attending The Fearless Photographers conference, a wedding photography conference that takes place every winter in a different part of Europe.

I arrived to Dubrovnik at 2am, it was raining, and there were not many people around. I wasn’t sure where I was, but the taxi left me far away and gave me instructions on how to get to my Hostel.

WOW! What a treasure to my eyes it was to experience the immensity and the wonders of this place!.

It was like a medieval city made out of brown shiny marble, full of small narrow passages, Dubrovnik is possibly one of the most impactful places I have visited.


During my stay there, I had the luck to photograph a beautiful couple.

Vildana and Davor, had a photo session that helped them reconnect with their romanticism after their first baby.

Vildana currently is a stay at home mom, who works from home for an American company based in Boston. Davor works in IT and is an ex-politician.

With them, I not only took pictures, but they shared with me a little of the story of the town, the best passages, and we also talked about the current economics of Croatia. It was so so cool, and I am so grateful I was able to do this!


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    Wow – what a lovely setting for a couple shoot 🙂

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