Thankfullness ! (Breast Cancer Awareness) – A Personal Post

This isn’t a Wedding post but this BLOG is me and my journey and what I do, so today I want to say that I am thankful.

For nearly a month I having been fighting my own wee private battle, and it has been frankly torture.

Some have noticed I haven’t been quite myself but admitting something was wrong to others would be like admitting it to myself, and that was a really scary prospect.

26 days ago I found a lump in my right breast. Well more like a thickening, but it wasn’t normal.

I saw my doctor within a few days and was referred quickly, but these last few weeks waiting to be seen has drained me.

Breast Cancer Awareness is very prevalent at the moment due to it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also with Maria’s ordeal in Coronation Street.

In October each year everything seems to turn pink around us for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

In started in the early 1990’s in the USA when Evelyn Lauder introduced the idea.

Together with friend Alexandra Penney, the former Editor in chief of Self magazine, they devised the concept of the Pink ribbon and launched a special edition of the magazine in 1992.

The campaign started small with Evelyn and her husband financing pink ribbons given to women at make up counters to encourage them to regularly check their breasts.

Evelyn had personal experience of breast cancer and was determined to address the lack of funding into research at the time.

She was the one to lead the Pink power movement that lit iconic buildings up across the world, and got people  and celebrities talking about Breast Cancer. 

Breast Cancer Care was the first UK Breast Cancer Charity to get involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this has been ongoing since 1993.

The month is usually marked with many fundraisers to aid further research into the disease.

Breast cancer has been the most common cancer in the UK since 1997, despite the fact that it is rare in men.

It is by far the most common cancer among women in the UK (2009), accounting for 31% of all new cases of cancer in females.
In 2009, there were 48,788 new cases of breast cancer in the UK – 48,417 in women and 371 (less than 1%) in men, giving a female:male ratio of around 131:1. (source)
Today it could have become MY reality….thankfully it didn’t!!
This morning was probably the single most frightening time of my life, and going through examination, mammogram and ultrasound was surreal.
At this moment I am not sure how I feel…I am relieved and I am so grateful to not to have to deal with a life altering disease but I am  still coming down from the terror I felt before.
Anyone that knows me properly, or who has followed me on my Business journey over the last few years knows that I am a tough cookie, and take nothing lying down, and IF I had had to deal with this I would have but I am so blessed that I don’t.
Thanks for listening, and PLEASE be breast aware.

If you are worried about any breast change get it checked IMMEDIATELY!

Information, advice and support can be found at Breast Cancer Care.

Also some great information in the Don’t get Scared, get Checked Video from the Scottish Government featuring actress Elaine C Smith.

I want to say thank you to my family and friends who have helped me through this and value everyones thoughts and patience as I get back to normal now that the weight has been lifted.

Image: Breast Cancer Care


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    Glad everything was ok in the end.


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    A great post, I found a lump earlier in the year and was really shocked and the hospital process is extremely scary and the biopsy hurt but thankfully like yourself it wasn’t the worst case scenario and its made me become a lot more aware, hopefully this post will help in continuing to spread that awareness!! Jo x

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      Thanks lovely for sharing your experience. I am extremely lucky and had a post all planned out in my head if it had been bad news too. Good or bad its about raising awareness, changing a potentially scary situation into something that will help other people. Please share if you can x

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    A useful post to remind us all how important our health is. I’m so sorry you have had to go through the scare, but brave and important to share the tough experience and that it isn’t always bad news. Absolutely awareness and detection is key. My mother went through breast cancer and has now been given the all clear 5 years later. We all too easily forget how lucky we are to have her and this made me remember we ARE very lucky that she has come through this. Sadly, due to family history and the BRCA gene (which is hereditary), as she is a carrier she has taken the step to have her ovaries removed which although a tough decision, I know the peace of mind far out weighs the operation.

    Given the family history I have an 80% chance of also having this BRCA gene which means I’m much more likely to develop some kind of breast/ovarian cancer. I’ve decided against a genetic test because let’s be honest… what good would knowing do? I would just be in fear every day. Medicine these days is incredible and early detection is key, and I’m lucky that I’ll be looked after and offered regular screening. I hope it’s the right thing to do!

    At least this subject is being talked about, and so many women are brave to share their experiences and stories which in my opinion can only help us all.

    Keep checking 🙂

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