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Today I am thrilled to be joined by the fabulous Tracey Campbell of Campbells Flowers to share a really helpful DIY Tutorial for a lovely wee Wrist Corsage, and its a beauty!

I hand you over to the talented lady herself to walk you through the steps:

“It’s still a bit chilly here at Campbell’s HQ, so while we’re dreaming of brighter, sunnier Spring days and our thoughts have turned to weddings and special occasions.”

“So here’s a really simple  DIY tutorial for a pretty, vintage-inspired wrist corsage in our signature romantic style which is heavenly scented and would be perfect for an early Wedding.”

“As with all DIY projects, we’d really recommend you having a practice run before any important event – just in case.”

The simple steps are explained here,

Here’s what you’ll need:-

– A stem of lisianthus

– two stems of ranunculus

– a stem of gypsophila

– a stem of thlaspi (green bell)

– a stem of freesia

– scissors

– string or twine for tieing

– a length of ribbon (about half a metre).

wrist corsage pic 2

First remove the leaves from the ranunculus, and if they’re a bit long cut the stems to make them easier to handle.

Then put them next to each other at a slight angle so one is a little higher than the other.

wrist corsage pic 3

Next place the freesia to the left of the design and then clean a few little strands of the green bell, making sure all the bottoms of the stems are clean of the little leaves – this makes it easier to tie and the stems at the end and creates a neat finish.

wrist corsage pic 4

wrist corsage pic 5

Place the green bell at the back of the design and then a couple of the pretty buds from the lisianthus next to these.

wrist corsage pic 6


Next take a little sprig of gypsophila and place this at the very front of the design.

wrist corsage pic 8

Tie off the design and then firmly tie your ribbon, making sure to conceal the binding point.

wrist corsage 9

wrist corsage 10

Then trim off the stems to a nice neat angle.

wrist corsage 11

That’s it! Your design should look something like this …

wrist corsage 12

You’ll need a friend to tie the finished design onto your wrist, you can’t do it yourself!

They’ll need to wrap it round your wrist, bringing the ribbon trails back up to the design and tie into a bow.

Make sure the design faces outwards, away from your body that way it looks pretty for you and everyone else looking at you … and they will look!


If you get stuck at all, pop over to our YouTube Channel where you’ll find a few short videos which should help, or get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to help with any questions you might have.

Because we love sharing so much, we’ve DIY tutorials on our Blog or pop over to our website for lots of lovely flowery inspiration. 

Thanks to Tracey for sharing her exceptional creativity and this fantastic and eye catching design that with a little practice would make a stylish accessory to your Wedding Guest look.


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