“May the Fourth be With You” – A Stars Wars Wedding Moodboard

Today “May the Fourth be With You” as we celebrate Star Wars Day with a Stars Wars Wedding Moodboard and styling ideas.

Dependant on how much a Sci Fi geek you are you can use subtle touches or full on Star Wars theming to bring together your celestial celebration.


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To set the scene for your wedding, star wars symbolism can be incorporated into stationery – Invitations, menu’s , placecards, order of service, thank you cards and the Guest book.

For your colour palette a midnight blue or black colour scheme would fit best.

This can be enhanced with silver or gold to lift the colour.

This classic palette could be brought through in suits, bridesmaid dresses, and table linens.

Subtle lighting could be used to give the impression of a moonlit sky and many twinkle lights could be used.

In a marquee situation, draping of twinkle lights from the roof could provide a night sky atmosphere, and consider having a starlight curtain for behind your top table to reflect the galaxy feel.

Consider the “Stargazer Lily” as part of your floristry. For a quirky twist mini figurines could be used as part of buttonholes.

For your cake the theme can be incorporated in a Star Wars Cake topper (Han and Leia, Darthvader, stormtrooper, Yoda), or insignia can be delicately etched into the fondant.

Star table confetti or table diamonds could be used to follow through the twinkliness on your tables. Star wars figures or shapes can be used to either add to floral centrepieces or as stand alone themed features.

Table names could be names of planets,  star wars symbols, characters or star wars spacecraft.

You may want to consider bringing in your very own Stormtroopers or Darth Vader to further enhance your day.

To close the evening glow sticks are a simple and inexpensive way to symbolise Lightsabers and offer a colourful and fun exit for the Bride and Groom.


Moodboard Credits

Line 1: Star Wars Ring Plate, R2D2 Engagement Ring (Paul Michael Design), Bridal Bouquet, Star Wars Wedding Cake

Line 2: Star Wars Minifigure centrepiece, Bride and Groom, Johanna Johnson Wedding Dress, Star Wars Wedding Shoes

Line 3: Star Wars Cookies (SugarBee Goodies), Deathstar Centrepiece, Lori Lee ace Bridesmaid Dress (Coast), Wedding Invitations

Line 4: Star Wars Cufflinks, Yoda Buttonhole, Wedding Rings, Bride and Groom with Stormtroopers


I hope this gives you some inspiration for your own Star Wars  inspired Wedding Day…


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