Putting the Sparkler in your Wedding Day and how to keep the Fire of Marriage Alive

On a beautiful clear winter morning where the first frost sparkles on fallen leaves and we think about Bonfire Night and fireworks and sparklers, I was inspired how this can relate to our Wedding Day and our Marriages.

I would love to share a few visual styling ideas for you Bonfire night Wedding with the  use of the sparkler, and some advice on how we can keep the spark bright in our Marriage.


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Put the Sparkler into your Wedding

When considering your Bonfire Night Big Day any colour Palette goes but consider the rich tones of late autumn with reds, oranges, and gold.

Or alternatively the fresh icy tones of winter, pale blue, silver and white.

The Sparkler theme can be incorporated in many ways and to introduce guest to your Wedding this can be done first in your Invitation suite and brought through in your On the Day Stationery.

Other ways that the theme can be subtly brought through are as adornment on the cake, in cocktails, in favours or as a really fun send off for the Bride and Groom at the end of the Night.

Fireworks are also a great crowd pleaser and wonderful and memorable entertainment to round off your Wedding day if budget allows.

Keeping the Home bonfires burning

Marriage is a huge commitment, and a huge change in any persons life, and  its most definetely much more than the Wedding which is just an occasion ( a grand one, but an occasion nonetheless).

It means being there for each other after all the initial lovey dovey honeymoon period has passed by, and life happens.

It means finding common ground whilst nourishing each others individuality, but being supportive of each other at the same  time.

So once a week, if you can, make a date night for you both and just chill.

This could be going out for a nice dinner or having a lovely homemade one.

Light the candles , have a glass of wine, put on your favourite music and just talk to each other about your day.

At the weekends consider a picnic in the park, a lovely walk by the sea with an ice cream or watching a movie together.

You could even consider a shared hobby or sport.

The thing to remember most of all is that you have to prioritise the importance of your relationship,  and keep remembering why you got married in the first place.


Expect Fireworks

Try to remember that there are no problems, only solutions.

We all go into Marriage hoping that everything will be perfect but then real life intervenes.

Sometimes, even the best laid  plans, dreams, wishes for the future can go wrong,  and that’s  just the nature of life.

Kids, jobs, families while being wonderful most of the time have the occasion to cause us lots of stress, and this can make even the small things feel huge.

Life can be too short sometimes and you don’t want to leave things left unsaid or forever hold on to the guilt of not saying you love your person.

Sometimes arguing can be healthy, as long as it doesn’t get to the point where you don’t listen to each other anymore.

Debating issues and having your own opinion is probably one of the things that attracted you to each other at the start, playful banter can be fun.

The important thing is to always keep talking, keep those lines of communication clear.

And never go to bed on an argument.


 Moodboard Credits


Line 1: Reception Drink, Rachel Simpson ginger gold vintage shoes at Elegant steps , Favour/Cake

Line 2: Wedding Cake, Bride and Groom, Wedding Invitation – Carol Miller Designs

Line 3: Wedding Favour Boxes, Sparkly Gold Bridesmaid Dresses, Brooch Bouquet by Chasing Rubies


I hope that gives you some inspiration for your Bonfire Night, sparkler accented Big Day and also something to think about on how you are as a couple.

In winter to stoke a fire you have to add wood to keep it burning, and really tend it to keep it going.

So remember to keep the Sparkler in your relationship and prevent things fizzling out you have to really work at it too.


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