Warm their Cockles at your Autumn Wedding

If you are planning a Autumn Wedding or a winter wedding you might be wondering how you can create a warm glow to ensure your guests feel warm and cosy on your special day.

Just because your wedding may take place in the throe’s of autumn doesn’t mean it has to be a cold affair, there are lots of decorative ideas that will work well throughout this beautiful season.


white and gold mood board


Your colour scheme should evoke warmth so choosing the perfect colour theme for your decorations and even more importantly your flowers is essential.

Autumn Weddings allow for the opportunity to use beautiful rich colours with lots of gorgeous foliage.


whimsical Flow Arrangement


Colours that are very much on trend this season are emerald greens, deep pinks, soft pinks are always stunning, metallic greys and purples and lots of warm oranges.

If you want your colours to be more subtle and less bold then white with infusions of gold and silver are gorgeous for this time of year.

These colour schemes can be used across your decor, including table settings, favours, and invitations.

This year has seen lots of rustic, whimsical themes for weddings that you may associate only with summer but nothing is more gorgeous than a country glow, scattered tea lights in jars instantly creates a cosy magical atmosphere.

It does not matter where your venue as taking inspiration from these ideas will always be pretty if you like the whimsical styles that are so on trend.


Tea Light Jars


Favours are a special little gift to leave on the place setting on your guests,  and you could spend forever coming up with ideas that your guests will love.

However for this season you may like the idea of making homemade jars of cooking mix, or a hot drinks mix, a great DIY favour.

To make put ingredients for hot cocoa in a jar, including marshmallows or extra chocolate etc.

Add a label instructing your guests to simply add water to the mix in a cup, and they then have a delicious cup of hot cocoa.

You could also add a little something around the top of the neck of the jar like pretty lace or ribbon, adding to the autumnal feel and tying in with your colour scheme.

If you have time for such projects, homemade favours such as cookies just add a personal touch to a wedding too, and make for a memorable detail your guests won’t forget.


homemade cookies


There are other warm touches you can add to a fall wedding wedding without having to spend a fortune.

Serve up hearty chunks of vegetable soup or warming stews, the food will add a mouth-watering aroma to the room and create a beautiful happy atmosphere..


Lam Stew


If part of your wedding involves being outside in the cold UK air then you may want to make available scarfs and shawls for the lady guests, this will be budget dependable but your guests will appreciate the sentiment.

You can have a classic, heart-warming wedding for a price you will love, and with the money you save, why not spend it on a stunning honeymoon for you and your partner in somewhat sunnier climes. Visit http://www.hitched.co.uk/honeymoon for some great ideas.


Author Credit: Lianne Crosby, a wedding lover and blogger at Adore Weddings , who also writes on behalf of  Hitched.


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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