A Year of Creativity 2014 – Moodboards for Weddings and Events

As we are just about to enter into a brand New Year I want to take a look back on a year of creativity on the Blog and some Plans & Presents Moodboards.

Harking back to my days of Wedding Planning prior to full time Blogging   I still love to bring bring together the look of a day or Event.

And its a pretty enjoyable experience to be able to show someone ideas and inspiration to make their special time or celebration completely awesome.


Today I want to share some moodboards I have done over this past year (links to full posts and credits are above each board.)

Enjoy and be inspired!


Bringing some Ooh La La – Creating your Paris themed Wedding or Event

To kick off the year I was delighted to bring together some inspiration for a Paris themed Wedding, a city famed for Love, Lights and Haute Couture.


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Paris themed Wedding or Event


A Medieval Wedding Theme with a touch of Game of Thrones

I would like to explore some ideas and styling for a Medieval Wedding bringing the theme right into the present day.

With the popularity of Game of Thrones the Medieval Wedding has had a resurgence and its a fantastic era to recreate.

In European history, the Middle ages or medieval times lasted from the 5th to the 15th century.

It began with the collapse of the Western Roman empire and merged into the Renaissance and the age of discovery.

This therefore gives your Medieval wedding theme lots of scope.


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Medieval Wedding Theme


 Hollywood Glamour Wedding theme – Mood board, Ideas and Styling

Following the glitz of the Oscars I would love to venture into the world of the old style movies with a Hollywood Glamour Wedding theme.

This theme is all about making the guests of honour feel like Superstars.


A Year of Creativity 2014 , Hollywood Glamour Wedding theme, Hollywood Glamour Wedding ideas, Hollywood Glamour Wedding moodboard, Hollywood Glamour Wedding styling, Hollywood Glamour Wedding inspiration


Hollywood Glamour Wedding theme


“Floral Sunshine” – A Daffodil inspired Wedding Theme – Moodboard and Styling Ideas

A happy making and beautiful Daffodil inspired Wedding Theme with Moodboard and Styling Ideas.

The weather may be utterly grim but those wee yellow buds of yellow floral sunshine make us smile even on the most cloudy wet day.


A Year of Creativity 2014 ,  Daffodil inspired Wedding Theme ,  Daffodil inspired Wedding  ideas,  Daffodil inspired Wedding  styling,  Daffodil inspired Wedding  moodboard


Daffodil inspired Wedding Theme


Grecian Rhapsody – A Greek Inspired Wedding Theme – Moodboard and Ideas

Having been inspired a little by Mamma Mia and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I decided to pull together a Greek Inspired Wedding Theme

I would like to share a Moodboard with some styling ideas of how you can recreate your own Greek Wedding Day even though the sun may not shine so brightly here.


A Year of Creativity 2014, Greek Inspired Wedding Theme, Greek Inspired Wedding Theme moodboard, Greek Inspired Wedding Theme styling, Greek Inspired Wedding Theme ideas, Greek Inspired Wedding Theme inspiration


Greek Inspired Wedding Theme


A Big Top Birthday – Colourful Childrens Circus Party Theme – Styling and Ideas

Taking a little step back from Weddings, the focus falls on the kids with a colourful Circus Party Theme with a moodboard, styling tips, and ideas for party fun.

Children have much more creative minds than us adults, and a few subtle hints from this childrens party theme will send them into a world of greasepaint and the trapeze.


A Year of Creativity 2014 , Big Top Birthday, Childrens Circus Party Theme, Circus Party Theme styling, Circus Party Theme ideas, Circus Party Theme moodboard


 Circus Party Theme


Blast from the Past – 80’s inspired Wedding and Party theme – Styling and Moodboard

Its an era that many of us grew up in, and its a really fantastic wedding and party idea to rekindle the excitement of our youth.

Who doesn’t remember dancing around like Madonna, swooning over Duran Duran or Wham and thinking we were the coolest thing to hit the planet.

I remember wearing this electric blue pencil skirt and a huge cream cowl neck cashmere sweater, and thinking I was practically a supermodel, and don’t even go there with the leg warmers and the fluorescent jewellery.

Despite the shame of it, its a really great era to revisit, and remember those happy days of our childhood.


A Year of Creativity 2014 , 80s wedding theme, 80s wedding theme inspiration, 80s wedding theme ideas, 80s wedding theme styling, 80s wedding theme moodboard


80’s inspired Wedding and Party theme – Styling and Moodboard


Blush Pink and Gold Wedding styling and Moodboard

Delighted to share some gorgeous styling tips and a Moodboard to help you create your own Blush Pink and Gold Wedding theme.

Blush pink is such a stunning shade, as delicate as it is powerful.

Its transcends seasons and is a stunning match for many different hues.

Contrasting and accentuating this with gold in a Wedding palette can work together really well.


A Year of Creativity 2014, Blush Pink and Gold Wedding , Blush Pink and Gold Wedding styling, Blush Pink and Gold Wedding moodboard, Blush Pink and Gold Wedding theme, Blush Pink and Gold Wedding ideas


Blush Pink and Gold Wedding styling and Moodboard


Love is like riding a Bike – A Bicycle Inspired Wedding Moodboard

Excited to share some ideas and styling for an Bicycle inspired Wedding.

The Tour de France was big news this year with the race moving through the English counties so this inspired me to create a mood board with some tips on how to achieve the look.


A Year of Creativity 2014, Bicycle Wedding, Bicycle Wedding moodboard, Bicycle Wedding ideas, Bicycle Wedding styling, Bicycle Wedding theme


Love is like riding a Bike – A Bicycle Inspired Wedding Moodboard


Luxurious and Elegant Plum Wedding Theme and Moodboard

Gorgeous inspiration for a luxurious and elegant plum Wedding theme.

Plum is such a warming colour… comforting infact, and fits so well as we enter the season of colder mornings ad changing leaves.


plum wedding theme, plum wedding theme ideas, plum wedding theme styling, plum wedding theme moodboard


Plum Wedding Inspiration


 Metallic Love – A Copper Wedding Theme, Styling and Moodboard

A gorgeous copper wedding theme styling with a beautiful Moodboard to inspire you for your Big Day.

I have a bit of a thing for metallics, and while silver and gold may take the limelight I am a particular fan of copper.

It lends itself well to both glamorous and elegant occasions as well as a more rustic style.


copper theme wedding, copper theme wedding inspiration, copper theme wedding moodboard, copper theme wedding styling, copper theme wedding ideas


Copper Wedding Inspiration


Putting the Sparkler in your Wedding Day and how to keep the Fire of Marriage Alive

On the clear winter mornings when the frost sparkles on fallen leaves and we think about Bonfire Night and fireworks we think of sparklers, and it also makes us think  how this can relate to our Wedding Day and our Marriages.

I would love to share a few visual styling ideas for you Bonfire night Wedding with the use of the sparkler, and some advice on how we can keep the spark bright in our Marriage.


Year of Creativity 2014, sparkler wedding, sparkler wedding ideas, sparkler wedding moodboard , sparkler wedding styling


Sparkler Inspired Wedding


Frozen inspired Wedding Theme

A Moodboard and styling ideas for an icy, snowy winter wedding day.

Taking certain elements from one of our favourite Disney movies inspiration can be found for an elegant celebration.


A Year of Creativity 2014, Frozen inspired Wedding Theme, Frozen inspired Wedding Theme moodboard, Frozen inspired Wedding Theme styling, Frozen inspired Wedding Theme tips


Frozen Wedding


NOTE: Image Credits to each Moodboard within each Feature Link.

If you wish to see more moodboards by MrsPandP – see A Year of Creativity 2013


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