A gorgeous Multicultural Wedding at Leez Priory with Greek & Turkish influences

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous Multicultural Wedding at Leez Priory with Greek & Turkish influences.

The couple are Klairi and Mert Senkal and they were marred on the 10th of July 2016.

Images were captured by dgtl Couture.


Dgtl Couture are Wedding Photographers and Videographers based in Nottingham & London.

The dgtl Couture  Team is comprised of six professional and committed wedding photographers and three very talented videographers.

This allows them to offer a broad range of competitive packages to cater to all budgets and tastes.


I hand over to Martin Sylvester…

“Each wedding is a day of celebration of love between two people. Our passion as photographers is to capture every detail, every emotion and every moment in a timeless preservation of your big day that you will be able to treasure forever.”

“At dgtl Couture we have a simple, unaffected approach to photography, producing photos for their veracity and naturality.”

“However whether you want spontaneous and artistic images or more traditional styles our large and skilled team will capture your wedding day exactly the way you envisaged it to be the day you said yes.”

“We love to get to know each and every couple we work with, because it allows us to understand you both and understand your story and how you would like us to capture it.”

“On your big day we will strive to stay as low key as possible so you can enjoy your big day and know we’ve got it covered.”


Martyn shares recollections of the couples day…

“The day began like any other British day. It was overcast and dreary, a worrying start to any wedding day but the forecast was positive.”

“When we arrived on location we were awestruck by the magnificent beauty of the 16th Century Mansion and Gardens at Leez Priory.”

“While the videographer set off to capture atmospheric shots of the grounds and venue. I started with the getting ready photos.”

“Whilst the bad weather threatened to wash out the planned outdoor ceremony which had the planner and bride on edge. I welcomed the soft diffused light created naturally by the overcast sky. This made for ethereal photos of the bride and groom getting ready.”

“By midday, the weather improved dramatically basking the ceremony in glorious sunshine. This made for some terrific photos and video footage for the bridal shoot and group photos of the family.”

“We then moved on to family pictures on the lawn and following on from this we had the editorial style photo shoot with the bride and groom following their ceremony.”

“Usually the first dance is held after the meal and speeches, however in Turkish/Greek cultures it is customary to host this before at the start of the reception.”

“Once the speeches were done, the meals finished, it was time for the traditional dances. This as you can imagine made for some interesting photographs.”

“Finally, it was time for the outdoor bouquet throw – which is custom for Greek Weddings to occur at night – under the orange glow of the Leez priory.”


I hand over to the beautiful Bride…


How did you meet?

“We met at the University of Surrey campus, where we did our postgraduate studies.”

“We immediately clicked and have been together ever since.”

“After our studies, we moved to London, we both got a job and settled here. After 6 years together we decided to tie the knot.”

Tell us about the Engagement

“Mert proposed outside our favourite pub, Bulls Head in Chiswick under an old-style lamp post by the river.”

“We had just finished our dinner and he asked me to pop outside for a minute. He had created a very romantic setting and had hired a musician for the occasion.”

Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“First we looked for the venue, and once we found a venue we both absolutely loved, then it was time to focus on finding the perfect dress for me.”

“Once this was also out of the way we could focus on the rest.”

“Our wedding was a mixture of 3 countries traditions; Greek, from the bride’s birthplace, Turkish from the groom’s birthplace, and of course English where the wedding took place.”

“So there was something new for everyone involved.”

“We wanted it to be a special day not only for us, but also for our guests given that most of them had come from abroad, just to be with us on our special day.”

“The location helped massively with that, being a former castle and priory so quite unique, but also some other small touches like the lawn games, small treats for each guest on the tables, and the camera and props on the carriage for our guests to have their photo taken also helped.”

“Most of the guests also had the opportunity to spend the night in the unique rooms on the premises, which was also a very special experience.”

What was the best bit of your day?

“When we read our vows to each other and the “I do” and ring exchange part when we committed to each other forever..”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“Allow a lot of time so you can do things the way you want but also enjoy the process.”

multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-55 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-53 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-16 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-17 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-62 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-57 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-58 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-59 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-63 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-65 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multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-84 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-87 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-88 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-89 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-90 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-93 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-94 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-95 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-96 sign-license-multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory 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multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-116 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-118 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-79 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-40 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-42 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-41 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-109 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-110 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-112 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-113 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-114 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-115 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-120 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-121 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-122 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-123 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-52 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-85 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-1 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-46 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-47 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-48 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-51 multicultural-wedding-greek-wedding-turkish-wedding-dgtl-couture-photography-leez-priory-50


I would also like to share the lovely film of the day…



Thank you so much to the team for sharing this beautiful multicultural wedding day.

What a colourful, family centred celebration in such a grand location.

Joy truly eminates from the images.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Ceremony and Reception: Leez Priory Wedding Venue

Photographer: dgtl Couture

Dress – Designer/Retailer: Antonopoulos Stores – Greece

Suit/Kilt Hire: Bought in Turkey

Cake Maker: Hellenic Bakery

Florist: Cherished Events

Videographer: dgtl Couture

Rings: Cartier

Make up/Hair stylist: Georgios Chatzimagioglou, George Tsantirakis


To Contact dgtl Couture

Website: http://couture.dgtlconcepts.co.uk/

Email: couture@dgtlconcepts.co.uk

Phone: 0115 9473 686 Mobile: 07402682953

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