The Heels were made for Walking…into your arms – Edinburgh Wedding

The Heels were made for Walking, and at the beautiful Edinburgh Wedding of Mariella and Matt they certainly featured and made a bit of a statement.
Images of the Big Day at Edinburgh’s  HUB Venue were captured by Stuart Craig Photography.
Stuart Craig  is a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland and covers weddings and civil partnerships throughout the country.
The Hub is a historic, catagory A listed building which forms an integral part of the architectural fabric of Edinburgh.
 The Hub’s spire is the highest point in central Edinburgh.It was constructed between 1842 and 1845 as the Victoria Hall to house the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
It now offers a unique and stylish venue for weddings, events, conferences, parties and celebrations.
The Venue at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, is also home of the Edinburgh International Festival, and a central source of information on all the Edinburgh Festivals.
Stuart shares his recollections of a fantastic day,
“The Big Day promised a splash of colour and glamour at the Hub, along with the heavy presence of kids to lighten the mood.”
“The happy couple were both staying on the Royal Mile, which gave me the opportunity of alternating between the separate bride and groom rooms.”
“It was a refreshing mix to capture both preparations with the mood in the two camps offering a intriguing contrast.”
“The boys room was an oasis of calm despite the stress levels increasing as time marched on.”
“The girls room by contrast was complete bedlam.” 
“The kids were running around in excited mood (can you blame them!) and Mariella was playing hard to get in front of the camera.”
“Maybe it was the giant roller in her hair, or the fact that yet another room housed her dress and shoes that provided a good excuse.”
“Her red high heels caught my eye immediately, making me wonder about our planned stroll down the Royal Mile.”
“As guests began arriving at the Hub, the sense of excitement was building.”
“The spectacular gallery overlooking over the main hall would house their beautiful ceremony in front of a beautiful stained glass window.”
“I soon spotted another previous bride (wedding here) of mine snapping away with her camera as Mariella and Matt turned to face each other, smiles written all over their faces.”
“The happy couple said their vows and exchanged rings before being pronounced husband and wife to an enthusiastic round of applause.”
“Mariella and Matt were first to receive a celebratory drink, offering a rare moment alone before guests followed behind then.”
“I left them to it for a while before inviting the newly weds to pose on the dramatic staircase.”
“We then headed out onto the famous Royal Mile with the pair of red high heels leading the way. The camera followed every step of the way as their stroll came into focus.”
“Mariella and Matt turned on the style in Lady Stair’s close before heading onto the cobbled streets with a spring in their step.”
“Plenty of admiring eyes followed them as they held hands, the sparkling white dress and dark suit contrasting perfectly against the historic backdrop.”
“The red bridal bouquet and matching red tie added a touch of colour to the scene.”
“By now they seemed oblivious to the camera, strutting along gracefully and enjoying the moment.”
“The high heels led the way back to shelter of the venue.”
“The tables were immaculately setup with plenty of eye candy and some personal touches to draw the eye.”
“The rooms soon filled with guests who were treated to some short speeches, including a sweet contribution by the flower girls, who overcame their shyness by leaving the room (with the microphone!) to offer words of support.”
“Mariella also spoke memorably, her story recalling how they met sounding genuine and warm.”
“Following on from the wedding breakfast we ventured outside as the light bulbs switched on.”
“As we returned inside the first dance began almost without warning, bursting into life as the happy couple took to the dance floor.”
“Like much of this day, it oozed a certain style and enjoyed a touch of class which was clear to see. As they shuffled in each others arms, even more obvious was the love that they hold for each other.”
“It is something you often pick up on during a first dance when the couple are all alone under the spotlight, seemingly with the whole world watching on. It is true that the camera never lies.”
Thank you so much to Stuart for sharing this gorgeous Edinburgh Wedding.
I love all the beautiful red detailing and references to a love of Campervans, and then there are those shoes.
Those shoes certainluy make a style statement with an already stunning Bride, and she was a hardy lady to brave the cobblestones of Edinburgh with such skyscrapers.
Altogether an elegant, fun special day.
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