Lingerie Ideas for Newlyweds, for the Wedding Night or Honeymoon.

I am delighted once again to share some expert advice from the specialist team at Moonrise at Midnight with Lingerie ideas for  the Wedding night/Honeymoon.

“After all of the celebrations, fun and excitement of the wedding day, it’s important that as newlyweds you get your marriage off to a great start by spending some amazing quality time together on honeymoon.”

“After all the hard work of the planning and preparation leading up to the big day itself, you deserve a nice break.”

“So here’s a few ideas to maybe treat yourself or newlywed to some slightly sexy underwear for the honeymoon nights or even the first wedding night!”

“It’s quite often the case that the wedding day underwear isn’t quite appropriate for your first wedding night and you may look toward a nice white lace babydoll or a bridal chemise, they can give that wonderful electric just married feel to the occasion and keep the fun and excitement of the wedding day carrying on.”


Just Married Chemise

Just Married Chemise, moonrise lingerie

Bridal Lace Babydoll

wedding night lingerie, Bridal Lace Babydoll,

Tuxedo Babydoll

wedding night lingerie, tuxedo babydoll lingerie, Tuxedo Babydoll, Babydoll lingerie, Lingerie Ideas for Newlyweds, for the Wedding Night or Honeymoon, Moonrise Lingerie


“You may well be thinking what’s so special about honeymoon lingerie?”

“We like to think that it’s the special nature of the occasion that makes the lingerie special, but the pieces we’ve chosen to share have a wonderful wedding and just married appeal to them that would add excitement to a fabulous honeymoon.”

“If you’ve worked very hard on your figure before your wedding day to look your absolute best, then why not show it off with some slightly see through and revealing wedding night gowns, they certainly add romance to any evening.”


Charmeuse Wedding Night Gown

wedding night lingerie, Charmeuse Wedding Gown,  Lingerie Ideas for Newlyweds, for the Wedding Night or Honeymoon, wedding lingerie, bridal lingerie, Moonrise Lingerie

See Through Wedding Night Gown

wedding night lingerie, See through wedding gown,   Lingerie Ideas for Newlyweds, for the Wedding Night or Honeymoon, Moonrise Lingerie

“Lingerie isn’t solely for tiny hourglass figures, it’s about making you feel great about yourself when you’re wearing it and filling you with wonderful confidence about your own beauty, and not forgetting, having fun.”

“So if see through and close fitting underwear just isn’t for you, then create a more casual look with a chiffon robe, you can always add a little spice with some lace top hold ups and maybe your wedding garter from the wedding day for a little fun.”

Chiffon Robe

Ruffled Lace Honeymoon Babydoll

“This ruffle lace babydoll is perfect for the plus sized bride or those of a large cup size, as you can see the ruffles help break the figure outline up and the stretch lace cups are great for enhancing the bust area.”

“Perfect on its own to show off the natural beauty of your figure.”

“Whatever you choose, pick your honeymoon lingerie to show off your figure to your partner and to add excitement, romance and fun to your time together.”

Thanks so much to Tanya and the team for sharing these beautiful products and advice to assist you in making the right choice in finding lingerie that will make you feel at your most amazing and accentuate the best of you for the most special time of your life.

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