Gorgeous hand-painted wedding gowns by Aylin White Designs

Today I am thrilled to share the gorgeous hand-painted wedding gowns of Aylin White Designs, and gorgeous imagery from a beautiful sunset photo shoot set in the New Forest.

Images were captured by Emily of Lotus Photography.

She says of the shoot…


Bournemouth is filled with talented entrepreneurs, artists and musicians, and one of those amazing people is Aylin White Designs, a wedding dress designer that hand paints designs on to wedding dresses.

You literally walk down the aisle in a piece of art!

With the spectacular sunsets we’ve had lately, we headed to the New Forest with a few of her designs and a beautiful locally grown bouquets from Meadow Sweet for an impromptu photo shoot.

Based in Bournemouth, Sophie grows her flowers in her own garden to ensure her brides receives the freshest seasonal flowers possible.

She picked these flowers from her garden the night before and they were absolutely beautiful, and the perfect compliment to the gowns.


Now we have  little chat with designer Sally…


How did you come up with the idea for Aylin White Designs?

Having spent several years living and working in China, I came back home to the UK looking for a new challenge.

In China I was surrounded by beautiful, arts and crafts. In particular the use of hand painting, with their gorgeous use of colours and intricate designs.

The Chinese love to paint on hats, coats, dresses etc. as well as on paper, and I couldn’t understand why no one was hand painting on fabric here.

I love things that are unique and handmade and the Chinese artistic inspirations, have helped to start my hand painted wedding gown business.

Can brides have any design painted?

We create stunning, made-to-measure, hand painted wedding gowns, which truly reflect each bride’s personality and passions.

Using the bride’s own design and colour palette, the gown is beautifully hand painted with intricate detail and vibrant colours.

The individual design could incorporate the bride’s favourite flowers, birds, animals, insects or any favourite objects.

We have just extended our hand-painted collection, to incorporate bags, scarves, dog bandanas and ring pillows.

These hand-painted accessories can also include the bride’s wedding colours and could be designed to match her wedding gown.

What’s inspired your designs?

I have lived and worked in places across the globe from the USA to Australia.

I have always been fascinated by handmade pieces of art and during my travels, I have collected many beautiful and interesting objects.

These treasured objects are usually made from resources found in the local environment.

Inspiration can be found all around us if we only find the time to stop and observe. It’s these things that inspire my designs.

What’s the most unusual design request you’ve had?

My most unusual design request took place at my very first wedding show, where I was asked if I could paint SpongeBob onto an adults wedding gown sash.

We had quite a long conversation, but I never heard from her again.

How do I get and Aylin White Designs gown?

We believe at Aylin White Designs that choosing a wedding gown should be a pleasurable experience and we take the stress out of searching for that perfect gown with our unique bridal service, offering a one-to-one consultation in the privacy and comfort of the bride’s own home, on a day and time convenient to them.

Our hand-painted accessories can also be ordered over the phone/email or through our website and social media accounts.

If you’re free on 23rd / 24th February 2019 Aylin White Designs will be exhibiting a few of her designs at the BIC Wedding Show so pop down to see her gowns there.


To Contact Aylin White Designs

Website: https://www.aylinwhitedesigns.com/

Be Social: Facebook Pinterest Instagram


Shoot Credits

Photography: Lotus Photography – Website / Facebook / Instagram

Florals: Meadowsweet – Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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