Today I am delighted to introduce Newlyweds Alina and Stewart Carroll who run Glasgow – based White Balloon Films, a video production company specialising in cinematic wedding videography throughout the UK.  

With business origins in London, White Balloon Films has bookings throughout the UK this year including Scotland, the Lake District and the Big Smoke itself.  

The couple recently filmed a Wedding at the Atholl Palace Hotel, in Perthshire.
I had a wee chat with the team to find out all about the company,
Tell us a little about the history of White Balloon Films…
“Our sister video and animation company, Alina P has been serving the needs of demanding corporate clients for years so it was a natural progression to take our skills from this business into the world of wedding videos.”
“I (Alina) have a degree in Moving Image from the London College of Communication so one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from our competitors is to inject creativity into our work.”
“We use all the tools we have available to us to tell the story of the day, e.g. stylish filming, sharp editing, modern colour grading and a well matched soundtrack.”
“Nowadays, couples expect more from their videographer than just a camcorder stuck on a tripod and rightly so, so White Balloon Films is about a true Cinematic Wedding Videography experience.”
How do you go about filming a wedding day?
“We always film with two cameras, my husband and I as operators.”
“We feel this is the only way to capture a wedding comprehensively.  During the ceremony for example, we are able to film the couple and the reactions of the guests.  It means we don’t miss a thing.”
“In terms of our filming style, we inject life into our videos by exploiting camera movement to enhance the cinematic feel of the shot.”
“If you watch a Hollywood film you will notice that even on the most simple of shots, the camera is almost always moving.” 
“With the help of our steadicam, slidecam, monopod, etc. we are able to emulate the style audiences are accustomed to seeing at the cinema.  That is what draws the viewer into the video and holds their attention from beginning to end.”  
“A good example of this is our crane shots taken from above the chandeliers at the Atholl Palace in Pitlochry.  It’s not often you see shots like this in a wedding video!”
Atholl Palace Crane Shot[1]  
How do you tailor your videos to the couple’s needs?
“Every wedding is a different and special occasion and as such, every wedding deserves a different and special video.”
“We like to meet with our couples early on in the process to get a better understanding of their wants and needs.  In some instances, the couple might want a candid, documentary-style account of the day that captures the memories.”
“Others however, are happy to have more ‘staged’ shots included in their video.”
“There’s no right or wrong way to do things, it all comes down to the wishes of the couple.”
“Here is an example of what can be achieved on a bridal shoot when the bride had the time to become comfortable in front of the camera.”

Do you only film weddings?
White Balloon Films is a wedding-related videography business but this does not mean we only shoot the wedding day itself.  Increasingly popular nowadays are save-the-date videos and love story videos.”
“These planned shoots play right into our hands as creative videographers because we can employ even more of our skills, particularly in post-production, to make a special video.”
“In addition, we are able to incorporate animation into this work to create a truly unique and special video.  We’re heading down to London soon to film one of these videos for a lovely couple so we look forward to sharing that in due course!”
Thanks very much to Alina and Stuart for sharing their work.
I love the idea of Bridal shoot, capturing those little moments that could be missed and forgotton in the rush of the Wedding Morning, and the featured Wedding has just captured just the essence of what a Scottish Big Day is all about – the happiness, the tears, family time, the joviality and fun…beautiful.
To Contact White Balloon Films
Phone: 0141 636 9151
Mobile: 07919092785


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