Where to Honeymoon in October

Today Buy Our Honeymoon continues their series taking a look at the best places to go on honeymoon month-by-month — and where to avoid!

We’ll even suggest some of the best ideas to add to your honeymoon gift list for your chosen destination.



Summer shifts into Autumn and Europe begins to cool.

Although southern Spain and Greece can still be very pleasant it’s best to head further south if you are in search of a sun baked honeymoon.

Morocco is a perfect choice if you are looking for a short haul trip with glorious weather.

The beautiful Atlantic resort of Oualidia is known to be best for romantics. La Sultana Oualidia is regarded as one of the most luxurious in Morocco — it comes complete with flocks of pink flamingos! A must-do is a private hammam for two.

Why not combine it with the exotic charm of Marrakech? One of the most beautiful and vibrant cities, a stay in a riad in the old town will give a real flavour of the city, and haggling in the souks is part of a true adventure.

A perfect honeymoon gift would be a hot air balloon ride in the desert with views of the Atlas Mountains.


As Europe cools down, spring is arriving in the southern hemisphere. October is a fabulous time to visit Argentina, and Buenos Aires is one of the best cities in the world.

It’s called ‘Paris of Latin America’ for its chic, cosmopolitan vibe. Enjoy the small coffee shops, the famous Argentinean cuisine, and of course, the tango!

This is one of the best times to enjoy walking around the city avoiding the intense summer heat.

Then head to the wine region of Mendoza to sample the region’s famous Malbec, biking through beautiful scenery, and hike some of the trails by Andes mountain range.

Head to Patagonia for the Perito Moreno Glacier and go walk with a colony of penguins!

A fantastic honeymoon gift would be tickets to a tango show or a bottle of red at a Mendoza vineyard.


October is a great time to visit Japan — the climate varies from north to south but it generally boasts the best combination of pleasant days and less rain.

Although the cherry blossoms in spring are amazing, you’ll be fighting the crowds then — and in autumn you get to enjoy the trees turning a vivid red.

It’s just as impressive as during cherry blossom, but has fewer crowds.

Japan is a dream destination and it’s perfect for a multi-stop honeymoon.

It’s a stunning combination of ancient traditions and futuristic perfection.

You can combine a stay in a Kyoto ryokan with private hot spring baths, with a super-deluxe hotels at the top of towering city skyscraper.

Learn the ancient tea ceremony one day and then buy eggs from a vending machine the next. A honeymoon in Japan is a magical experience that you’ll fall in love with.

A fantastic honeymoon gift would be tickets for the Shinkansen — the iconic bullet train!

Destinations to avoid in October

October has fewer places to avoid, and the world is mostly your oyster.

But it’s still hurricane season in the Caribbean (indeed, Florida is being evacuated as we write this) — something to consider before you decide.


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