A Spectacular Halloween Theme Wedding In Glasgow With Rich Red And Black Tones

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The anticipation that couples have as they plan their weddings and think about their big day and all the little things that go along with it makes for an exciting time. If you’re having trouble deciding what theme to go with for your wedding, why not make it a memorable one by choosing a Halloween theme? This wedding in Glasgow was definitely a breathtaking spectacle to witness, with its dominant colors being deep crimson and black.

Venue Selection

It is essential to select a location for a wedding with a Halloween theme that conveys the appropriate spirit and ambiance for the occasion. The couple decided to get married in Glasgow at the historic Blythswood Square Hotel, which is a stunning venue that features elegant ballrooms and breathtaking views of the city. The traditional building of the site served as the ideal background for the party that the couple hosted, which was both eerie and chic.


The decorations that were put together for this wedding with a Halloween theme were nothing short of amazing. The couple decided to decorate the reception tables with dark red roses, black candle holders, and creepy black branches. A stunning pumpkin draped in black lace served as the focus of each table, lending an air of spooky allure to the otherwise exquisite setting.

A black lace alter served as the focal point of the ceremony, which took place in the big ballroom of the hotel. During the exchanging of their vows, the pair was illuminated by the comforting glow created by the black candles that lined the aisle. The aroma of burning incense permeated the entire ballroom, lending an air of mysticism to the event that was being held in honor of the happy couple.

Decorations for a Wedding Based on a Halloween Theme

Attire The bride wore a breathtaking red gown that was intricately detailed with black lace, while the groom looked dapper in a black tuxedo that was accessorized with a red rose boutonnière. Both the bridesmaids and groomsmen wore black dresses with red embellishments for the wedding, while the groomsmen wore black tuxedos with red ties. The party was already beautiful, but the costumes worn by the pair gave a touch of Halloween elegance that was just right.

Provisions of Food and Drinks

The wedding had a Halloween theme, and the food and drinks served during the reception were just as fascinating as the decorations. The pair decided to go with a menu that offered classic delicacies from Scotland with a macabre spin on them. The main dish was a substantial beef stew that was served with black bread and a side of red roasted veggies. The stew was served as the main course. After dinner, we indulged in a sumptuous piece of black forest cake, which was topped with a red frosting and dark cherries. The bar offered unique drinks with names like “The Witching Hour” and “The Haunted Mansion,” all of which had dark crimson and black undertones in their appearance.


Entertainment is an essential component of every successful celebration, and this Halloween-themed wedding ceremony and reception was no exception. The evening was made even more magical by the presence of a skilled magician who performed illusions for the audience throughout the event. A live band was also engaged by the newlyweds, and they ensured that the dance floor was always filled by playing eerie songs and Halloween standards.


This wedding, which took place in Glasgow and had a Halloween theme, was a once-in-a-lifetime event that was full with magic, elegance, and grace. Every aspect of the couple and their guests’ experience, beginning with the breathtaking location and continuing with the outstanding cuisine and entertainment, was meticulously planned and executed in order to produce a once-in-a-lifetime event. If you’re getting married with a Halloween theme, you might want to think about using some of these creative suggestions to make your big day look just as amazing as this one did.

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