Blogging Bride Heidi talks Lists, Lists… and more Lists

A few short weeks ago I introduced your to Heidi, my new Blogging Bride and  shared their love story with you.

If you are in the Wedding Industry you may know Heidi, who with her right hand man Steve runs Wedding special touches company Giddy Kipper.

If you missed the first instalment, you can look back on the introduction.

Now as the day tiptoes ever closer, Heidi delves deeper into all her exciting plans about how the day will come together…


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I hand over to Heidi…


“When we decided to go ahead with our wedding, it was October last year…less than a year to plan!”

“We still thought we had plenty of time but it’s now only 4 months to go and it’s terrifying how quickly the time has disappeared!!”


“So how are we doing?”

“With a non-existent budget, we decided to pay for everything as we went along.”

“We made a list of all the really important things, that meant something to us and have tried to stick to our original plan.”

“We booked all the major elements pretty quickly to make sure we had them secured for our very popular wedding date.”

“So far so good!”


“Obviously the legal bit is a must; we’re getting married in the same church that my Mum & Dad got married in, which makes it all the more special.”

“One of the biggest decisions was finding a big enough venue but within our price range.”

“I have a large family and we wanted to be able to have as many guests celebrate with us as possible. Since the church is in a lovely little village, we thought we should check out possible venues in the same area.”

“There is a gorgeous Manor House but it’s sadly too small to accommodate all of us, so we looked at the Village Hall…what an absolute gem!”

“I’ve always loved village hall weddings – they all have that old-fashioned style that we both love and the hire price is a fraction of other venues.”


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“Next, we needed to decide on the whole look of the day – we found it easier to plan that way.”

“Our huge love of the seaside had to play a part. Our budget wouldn’t stretch all the way to the coast so we wanted to bring the British Seaside inland.”


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“The food and drink element of the day is a big one too –keeping everyone well-fed and watered makes for happy guests, no matter what else happens in the day!”

“With that in mind and because we wanted a very relaxed feel to the day, we booked a mobile fish and chip van and a vintage ice cream van for dessert!”

“They fitted in with our seaside theme perfectly.”


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“We’re also having a buffet at teatime just to make sure nobody gets hungry and finishing off with a bake-off for our guests – the ideal way to cut costs on your dessert table and to give the guests a fun competition to look forward to.”

“There’s a prize for the winning entry and it’s all getting very competitive already!!”


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“The benefits of booking a village hall are the total blank canvas you start with.”

“Slightly daunting to begin with but if you love a bit of DIY, it can end up looking fabulous!”

“There’s so much you can do with a hall – from stringing bunting and fairylights across the room, using oversized light-up letters, decorating with pom poms, ribbons and garlands.”

“You can style each of your tables with a different theme, add personal touches totally unique to you as a couple.”

“We’re theming our tables with postcards of British Seaside towns that we’ve visited as children or as a couple.”


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“I must admit, most of the time, the planning has been very exciting.”

“I am obsessed with all-things-wedding, wedding blogs, wedding magazines and I’ve been able to indulge in all of these in the name of ‘research’”

“I did get to a stage where I lost my wedding mojo altogether and actually got quite bored with the whole idea!!”

“I think this is probably fairly normal – as a bride, your brain gets so overloaded with ideas and images and timings and lists and you either have a massive wobble or lose interest altogether. I’ve done both.”

“Totally back to full planning mode with gusto now and getting lots of details sorted.”


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“The next couple of months will be a flurry of DIY and buying all those little bits and pieces that we hope will make our day unique to us.”

“Now back to those lists….”

“Until next time.”


Heidi x



UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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