“Hens in the City” – The Hen Party Shennanigans of a Giddy Bride

Today I am excited to share the very fun, and very colourful Hen Party shennanigans of our Giddy Bride Heidi.

If you are in the Wedding Industry you may know Heidi, who with her right hand man Steve runs Wedding special touches company Giddy Kipper.

If you missed the first instalment, you can look back on the introduction, the second instalment on all the lists she had made as a Bride to be about how she wants her day to be, the third instalment on keeping things local. and the fourth when she shares wedding meltdowns.

Now as the day tiptoes ever closer, Heidi looks back on her amazing hen party…


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I hand you over to Heidi to tell you all about her fun hen party experience….


“Let’s just get one thing straight. I was not going to have a Hen Do. No siree, nope, nada.”

“Apart from feeling like a geriatric bride at some points along my journey (I had another birthday back in July and I tried to ignore the ‘age’ bit) I thought the whole thing, well…tacky.”

“I thought I’d escaped since I don’t have any bridesmaids to organise something cringingly embarrassing. but my many female friends were horrified when I said I wasn’t going to bother.”

“But you HAVE to have a hen do!’ was the response.”

“Really?! I said.”


“So after some arm-twisting…it was an ‘ok but no willies’ I detest all that nasty fluffy-handcuffs-and-willy-straws palaver.”

“I’ve got two kids…I think I’m waaay past all that.”

“Feeling old and a bit sorry for myself I started to think actually, why the hell not?? Why shouldn’t I have a hen do? It IS my wedding day afterall and it’s a great excuse for a night out!”

“So I planned it myself. (control-freak moi?!) and it had to be something fun but not too expensive.”

“I have had to say no to hen dos in the past because I couldn’t afford to go. All this ‘let’s go to Barcelona for a week’ business I feel is completely unfair on your hens.”

“If I’m going away for a week, it would be the family holiday.”




“Now you know I said the hen party can be a bit tacky…I decided in honour of the decade in which me and my betrothed first met.”

“We would do the whole fancy dress bit and embrace the 80s in all it’s mesh, neon and big hair glory! Tacky me?? Well, maybe a bit.”

“I wanted the day to be fun with minimal travelling for everyone and I didn’t expect my friends from far and wide to be able to come if I’m honest.”

“I really didn’t want anyone to put themselves out for me.”

“But you know what? I have the BEST friends.”

“Even when I announced that we were going rollerskating in fancy dress in broad daylight, apart from the odd ‘I can’t believe you’re making me do this’, ALL of the girls got completely behind the days events and I was very, very touched.”

“Yes, we all felt like idiots stepping out into the sunshine in lime green stillettoes and fluorescent headbands but it was the most fun I have had in ages.”

“I loved being with such a brilliant group of friends; some from schooldays, some family, some from University days, some more recent…all fabulous and so much fun to be with.”


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“Despite an upset – I almost called the whole thing off when we accidentally discovered that the date we’d specifically asked about for rollerskating (and confirmed by email), suddenly had an event taking place and the venue would be closed to the public (thanks a bunch Rollerworld Derby!)”

“However we quickly rearranged to go ice skating instead.”

“Luckily we could still use the train tickets we’d already bought (!) and set off for Nottingham.”

“We all had Prosecco to start the day along with the most delicious cupcakes made specially for me by my friend Michelle.”






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“It couldn’t have been more perfect! Given my slight obsession with the seaside, I was ecstatic to find the centre of Notts had been turned into a beach, complete with stripy deckchairs and a funfair!!”


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“Next we wandered into the Gay Pride parade, a gorgeous display of rainbows and happy smiling faces all round.”



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“Those handcuffs I mentioned earlier? Well, they weren’t fluffy but I think I was cuffed for crimes to fashion!!”


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“Then there was the skating….”


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“Back to my hometown to meet up with more friends and family members who couldn’t make it for the whole day, cold drinks in our local pub and off for a Chinese meal.”

“I was overwhelmed to see that everyone who had said would join me, had turned up!”

“There were 24 of us by the evening and I felt very loved and so glad that I’d embraced my inner tackiness.”

“Even if I am old and a bit creaky these days, it was AWESOME!”


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    Well as a mum who wept for you inside when so many things seemed to be going wrong for you, I couldn’t have been more pleased with how your do turned out! To see you smiling, relaxed and just having so much fun with all those who really care for you was brilliant. ( and the Chinese found was awesome too!). Our beautiful girl will soon be wed and we are so proud of her. Xxxx

    1. Reply

      Thanks for the lovely comment Jenny, your girl is going to make an awesome Bride x

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    Fabulous Heidi! So glad that the day turned out to be so wonderful after that date clash. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics – Congratulations and best of luck for an even more special wedding day! We’ll be in the Isle of Wight but I’ll have a look at Alison’s blog when I get back X

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