Journal of a MrsPandP Bride – Finding Our Wedding Venue

Today our Blogging Bride Sophie is back with her account of that eureka moment when she and Rob found the Wedding Venue that is just perfect for their Big Day.

From the exciting bits to the pitfalls of Wedding Venue searches their journey highlights things you may want to think about in your own journey to finding a place right for your own celebration.


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I now hand over to Sophie to continue her story….


“Hi all! You may recall my introductory post last month (if not click here to read all about how I came to be a Bride-to-be and my involvement in MrsPandP).”

“Well, I’m back to tell you all about finding our venue and how we settled on our choice last weekend.”


Narrowing it Down

“Shortly after getting engaged, Jon and I had the conversation about where we would want to get married and started off by eliminating the type of venue we felt wouldn’t be suitable.”

“We ruled out a church wedding as we felt that, as neither of us are religious, it wouldn’t be appropriate. We also ruled out huge country manors as we knew we had a tight budget to work to!”

“As the weeks rolled into months we went through all kinds of different options and thought we had settled on a registry office wedding followed by a reception at a country pub or a village hall.”

“When we came to make our list of guests however, we quickly realised we’d be hard pushed to find a pub or a village hall that could accommodate the number of people we’d jotted down.”


Stepping up the Wedding Venue Search

“We put the venue hunt on ice as we prepared to move to Shropshire and recently picked it back up again after a gruelling but overall successful move from Leicester to Ironbridge.”

“In our newly local pub, we got chatting to a couple who got married a week before and their story was quite an amazing one! Allow me to digress for a moment to tell you about their wedding day.”

“The couple had been together for over 10 years and were constantly being asked about when they were going to get married.”

“They felt that the wedding plans would be overtaken from the moment they announced their engagement, so instead they told nobody.”

“They secretly planned their wedding and invited everybody to what they thought was her 40th birthday party, only to discover on arrival that it was actually their wedding, cool hey?!”

“They showed us photos of the day and both Jon and I fell in love with their choice of venue immediately.”

“They chose the Covered Bays, a venue within the Ironbridge Gorge museums that features beautifully rustic brick walls and floor and a room called the Glass Classroom attached to it for a chill out area and a place for kids to do activities.”

“We got in touch with the wedding coordinator and went to look at it over the weekend.”

“I can honestly say I knew it was the one for us from the second I walked through the big solid wooden doors and into the Covered Bays.”

“We were lucky as a wedding was going on later that day so the room was set up, which gave us a great idea of what can be achieved with the space.”




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A Lesson in Practicalities

“I wanted to have both the wedding and the reception in the Covered Bays and the wedding coordinator advised that this was possible but carried a downside.”

“In order to have both in the same room they would require a 90 minute turnaround time which was no biggie to me, after all we have complimentary access to the museums so I’m sure our guests would be entertained during that time!”

“What did cause a panic was the thought that I wouldn’t be there to help set up the room.”

“If we chose the more practical solution of the Board Room upstairs to get married in, we could set up the Covered Bays for our reception the day before.”

“I weighed it up and came to the decision that I wanted to be a part of the setting up process, not just because handing it over to the team meant relinquishing ultimate control, but mainly because I really want to set it up myself and see it all come together.”

“When I’ve thought about the day before the wedding, I’ve pictured me, my mum and my bridesmaids setting up together and I don’t want to miss out on that.”

“So we plumped for the practical option and went with the ceremony in the Board Room (in itself a lovely, smaller room) and then the Covered Bays for the reception.”


Choosing a Date

“I never imagined that choosing the date for the wedding would be harder than choosing the venue, but for us that’s truly been the case!”

“Dates next year are limited and we need to reach our decision quickly.”

“One date suggested by the wedding coordinator was 12th September.”

“We had to laugh as this date is already very important to us. Not only is it Jon’s birthday, it’s also my Mum’s birthday and the date Jon and I decided to give the whole long distance relationship thing a go.”

“We wondered whether it was a good omen but ultimately decided it was probably a little too much to add to the list of events that date.”

“We’ve narrowed it down to two dates and the final decision will be made over a drink at the pub (where I believe all the best decisions are made!)”

“So, I think that’s you caught up to speed.”

“The absolute best of luck to all the Brides-to-be out there currently trying to find their Wedding venue!”


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About our Blogging Bride: Sophie writes for UK wedding directory Ready or Knot and is currently in the process of planning her wedding to Jon.

When she’s not planning her wedding, you’ll find her out walking her dog Reuben with her fiancé and frequenting one of the many local country pubs around her, for a diet coke of course!



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