Journal of a MrsPandP Bride – An Introduction

Today I am really excited to celebrate a brand new feature, and introduce a new face on my team with the launch of Journal of a MrsPandP Bride.

Please give your very warmest welcome to Sophie Baker-Britton who is my very 1st Blogging Bride.


Journal of a MrsPandP Bride, mrspandp Blog, plans and presents blog, blogging bride


I hand you over to Sophie to tell us a little bit about herself……


“Hey! It seems I’m the new kid on the block around here as a guest contributor to the wonderful MrsPandP Blog which I’m thrilled to be a part of.”

“Who’s this chipper chick?” I hear you say, well let me introduce myself officially…”

“By day, I’m Sophie the 26 year old market specialist for an Inbound marketing company with a finger in the pie of – an online wedding directory.”

“The rest of the time I’m Sophie the bride-to-be, and I’m right at the start of my wedding planning.”


Journal of a MrsPandP Bride - An Introduction, mrspandp Blog, plans and presents blog, blogging bride


“My Fiance is Jon, thats him in the pic with me.”

“We look like we are on a photo shoot for some Indie album cover.”

“Sadly we weren’t. We were just posing in front of some cool looking wall paper.”


Meeting Jon

“I met Jon back in 2009 when he just appeared in my back garden in Leicester.”

“Not as sinister as it sounds, I was sharing a house with a university friend and she invited an old boyfriend she was still on great terms with to come and visit from Kent, he needed a ride and Jon was that ride.”

“I remember walking home from town thinking “great, two strangers in my house all weekend” – and then I saw Jon.”

“We hit it off with a mutual love of music and holidays and before I knew it, he was travelling from Kent to Leicester every weekend right up until his pre-planned trip to Australia.”

“He was due to go for a year; he did 7 weeks and then promptly moved to Leicester.”


The Proposal

“It was a little over 4 years from meeting each other that Jon proposed in October 2013.”

“He took me to Plymouth (the hometown of his mum and a place he loves) and asked me to marry him as we sat on a bench looking at the lighthouse.”

“Well, he kind of proposed. He said “I have a favour to ask you, a really big one” and I thought he wanted to borrow money.”

“Turns out that favour was to marry him.”

“I was genuinely completely shocked; I had no idea it was on the cards but delightedly said yes.”


The Wedding Plans

“In a nutshell, you could put them in a nutshell.”

“We have ideas, oh sure we have plenty of ideas, but no firm plans.”

“Our wedding planning promptly got put on the backburner after the proposal due to buying our first house and moving out of Leicester to Ironbridge in Shropshire.”

“This is where we find ourselves now, in our first bought house which we share with our amazing rescue dog Reuben and rescue rabbit Bertie.”


My Contribution to MrsPandP

“Each month, I’ll be checking in with the site in the form of an article about what has been decided, booked, and inevitably not gone quite to plan!”

“I’m always honest so you’ll get a true account of planning a wedding – tears, tantrums and tiaras!”

“I hope this will become a great place for fellow brides-to-be to check in from time to time and share their experiences of the same milestones.”

“I look forward to catching up with you in July – by which point we will have visited a wedding venue we’re very interested in and I’ll get to tell you all about it!”



About our Blogging Bride: Sophie writes for UK wedding directory Ready or Knot  and is currently in the process of planning her wedding to Jon.

When she’s not planning her wedding, you’ll find her out walking her dog Reuben with her fiancé and frequenting one of the many local country pubs around her, for a diet coke of course!


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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