Jumping into Action: Diary of our P & P Blogging Bride

Panic stations hit our Blogging Bride this New Year but I think she is a wee bit more organised than she thinks with already securing the Venue, Band Wedding Car and some decorations.




Sophie brings us up to speed on whats been happening in her world over the festive season, and how she is revving up her Wedding Planning experience right now…


“New Year has most definetely been about jumping into action as I realised I get married “This Year”.

“We got engaged in October 2013 and the thought of 2015 felt like it was so far away it was almost non existent.”

“For that reason the wedding has always felt like it was in the background somewhere, so the past few days since New Year’s eve have been hitting me hard; I get married in a few months.”


“I spent New Year’s Day in my pyjamas feeling a little worse for wear.”

“I always find New Year’s Day quite sad, I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because all the merriment of Christmas is over and it’s just about time to get back to real life.”

“I didn’t really think too much about wedding planning on that day, I opted to hide under a blanket and watch episode after episode of Orange is the New Black.”

“But by the weekend it had hit me hard – the feeling of time closing in on us and having next to nothing sorted for the wedding.”


“It actually didn’t come directly from me, my Fiance started to get panicky about it and so I caught this feeling from him.”

“It was one evening when we were walking the dog and I was chatting away about booking a holiday – he told me we really shouldn’t be thinking about that whilst our wedding plans were non existent. Crumbs, I thought, he’s right.”


“So, over the weekend we sent enquiries to photographers, ordered our wedding rings, booked in to meet the caterer and by Monday I had ordered my wedding dress.”

“The rings arrived today, I was anxious to try mine on so I ripped the packaging open straight away and shoved mine onto my finger.”

“I admired it for a while, it’s just a plain band but I thought it sat well with my engagement ring and I was pleased with it.”

“Then I came to get it off; I couldn’t get it off.”

“After a few minutes of struggling, I soaped up my hand and just managed to wriggle it off. Next size up needed.”

“My wedding dress is being sent to a store in Shrewsbury so I’m taking my mum along at the weekend to try it on.”

“I’m excited and a little sceptical at the same time.”

“On the website it looks like the perfect dress, exactly what I was looking for (I’ll refrain from the details in favour of honouring tradition here!).”

“But of course, I’m very aware that the model is incredibly slim as well as lovely and tall.”

“I’m 5 ft 3 and whilst I’m quite slim, my weekend of getting a grip also led to me facing the scales after a month of indulgence over the Christmas period, to discover I had put on 9lb!”

“Cue a week of making soup and eating celery in a bid to shed some of the weight ready to try on the dress. As I say, I’m sceptical.”


“Meeting with the caterers is a really big deal to us – we want an all vegetarian wedding and we’ve sat down and planned out the theme for the food which is a mediterranean vibe.”

“I’m really eager for this meeting because I want to know what they can do for us and of course, what the cost is going to be.”

“The food is the biggest expense we’ve accounted for, so knowing the exact cost will really help us to distribute the rest of the budget accordingly.”
“So, since last blogging I’ve managed to kick the wedding plans into gear.”

“I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve never been that interested in getting married; I was thrilled to be asked, but equally if he hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have pushed for it, probably ever.”

“Despite this, I’m starting to get my head around the planning and I must admit, I’m getting pretty excited now.”


About our Blogging Bride: Sophie is currently in the process of planning her wedding to Jon.

To find out more about the couple, take a wee look at an Introduction.

When she’s not planning her wedding, you’ll find her out walking her dog Reuben with her fiancé and frequenting one of the many local country pubs around her, for a diet coke of course!



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