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Today we are back with my gorgeous, funny and generally quite awesome Blogging Bride Heidi who tells us all about her search for Wedding Suppliers.

If you are in the Wedding Industry you may know Heidi, who with her right hand man Steve runs Wedding special touches company Giddy Kipper.

If you missed the first instalment, you can look back on the introduction, and the second instalment on all the lists she had made as a Bride to be about how she wanted her day to be.

Now as the day tiptoes ever closer, Heidi delves deeper into all her exciting plans and shares the incredible people who will bring her vision to life…


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I hand over to the lady to tell you all about it….


We’ve been planning our Big Day for some time when it came to finding actual Wedding suppliers, some of it was harder than I thought it would be!

I guess having such an enormous choice initially was quite overwhelming.

We’ve been part of the wedding industry for a few years now and having won 2 National wedding awards ourselves, we’ve got to know some amazing wedding people.




However, having teeny tiny budget sadly cancelled out some of these wonderful wedding suppliers – and we were going to have to think hard about our choices.

So we made a list of all the most important things that mattered to us – the food, the drink, the transport and capturing the big day (photography/videography).

These were going to take up a fair whack of the budget, so we sorted these first.

To suit our seaside theme, we booked a fish and chip van from a company that can travel the UK and can cater to a large number of guests.

We’ve got over a hundred coming during the day and a relaxed main meal suited us and the village hall perfectly so KK Catering were the perfect choice.


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For dessert, what else but an ice cream!

I’d spoken to Lisa from Bertie & Mabel on Twitter, who owns a vintage ice cream van but hadn’t realised that she was literally 15 minutes up the road from us…

I was so happy to find this out as we loved the idea of trying to keep our wedding as local as possible and supporting small businesses in our Lincs/Notts/East Midllands area.


Bertie-and-Mabel-Ice-Cream, blogging bride, giddy kipper, vintage ice cream van


Next we decided that the transport should be pretty special for all of us. I’ve been a huge VW fan since I was a little girl and having a white beetle on my wedding day was actually more important than my dress!!!

We love campervans too and this all fitted in with our seaside theme.

I didn’t realise just how difficult this would be however and spent hours and hours trying to track down the perfect vehicles!

It had to be a white beetle and it also had to be a classic, definitely not a new beetle..that just wouldn’t do!

I found beetles of every colour and then when I did find a white one, it was hundreds of miles away.

Since these are classic cars, they’re not able to travel huge distances because of their age. Something I’d not thought of before!

I really did think I was going to have to give up on my dream wedding car when, Twitter came to the rescue again!

I spotted Alfie’s VW Weddings and had to have a look as it was the name of our eldest son!


Alfies VW Weddings, VW Beetle  blogging bride, giddy kipper, wedding suppliers,


Amazingly they had a white classic beetle available and were from the same area as our ice cream van!! It had to be fate. They also had a campervan but without wanting to sound like Bridezilla, it was deep green and not what I had in mind.

After having a chat with Primrose the Beetle’s owners, we were thrilled to discover that a friend of theirs who actually worked in our hometown had a beautiful pale blue campervan that we could hire instead!!


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So most of the main expenses were in hand, next came the very important photography and videography which I thought would be a real headache simply due to the fact that the choice was mind boggling!!

I knew so many brilliant wedding photographers…it actually made me feel a bit sad to have to choose!

Fate intervened again. Steve was casually scrolling through his twitter feed (you see how helpful twitter can be!!) and came across a lovely Garden Party wedding.

Steve doesn’t go online much so I knew it must have really caught his eye.

When I looked, I discovered it was one of Alison’s Plans & Presents posts and the photographer was Harvey & Harvey..from our hometown too!


The photographs were lovely and relaxed, and funnily enough, I had met Claire from Harvey & Harvey only a couple of weeks before in a tea room with some other lovely local wedding people!

We all had coffee, cake and a chat and all hit it off straightaway. I was relieved in a way that Steve had made the decision for me and we were continuing with our ‘local’ suppliers wedding without even trying!!


blogging bride, giddy kipper, wedding suppliers, image- harvey & harvey photo

blogging bride, giddy kipper, wedding suppliers, image- harvey & harvey photo


The videography was an easier choice.

We had met Kev from Music Wedding Videos at the awards ceremonies we’d been to and always had a brilliant night all together.

We were initially going to book a music video – they are fabulous fun but in the end decided, we’d go for the more traditional filming of the whole day otherwise we knew we would regret it.

Kev and team are also East Midlands based.



We couldn’t quite believe we’d managed to find everyone and they were all free on our wedding date.

August 22nd is obviously a popular Summer date but since we wanted a seaside fete, it was no good booking in December!
You may be wondering about other suppliers we haven’t mentioned, like florists, stationers, cake makers and bridal shops.

Well, that list we made before we started booking suppliers had to be whittled down to cut costs and sadly, these didn’t make the final list!


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I’ve designed all of the wedding invites, RSVPs and evening do stationery, my Dad and my Auntie are growing my wedding flowers, Steve’s sister is making our wedding cake and my Mum is making my wedding dress!

It’s a good job we have a creative family!!

We’re also making some fete games, all the signage, table decorations, place card holders and a sweet shop between us…


I think there may be another wobble on the cards!

Until next time…


Heidi x


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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