The Giddy Road to Marriage – Blogging Bride – Heidi Bowman

Today I want to introduce you to a very special lady, Heidi Bowman who is joining my team as a Blogging Bride to tell her story of the Giddy road to Marriage.

If you are in the Wedding Industry you may know Heidi, who with her right hand man Steve runs Wedding special touches company Giddy Kipper.

I was so thrilled when I heard they were getting wed, and even happier when Heidi agreed to share her wedding journey here on the blog.

Their story is a story of whatever life throws at you good and bad, love will see you through…


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I hand you over to Heidi who tells us the story so far…


“It’s happening! It’s actually happening. On August 22nd this year, we will finally be getting married!”

“It’s only taken us 17 years to get around to it…one business, two small boys and a whole heap of emotional stuff in between but we’re finally tying the knot.”


“Let’s go back to the beginning, and how it all began…”


“My name’s Heidi and I’ve known Steve for most of my life.”

“We met in a local pub when I was 14 and he was 18 (hey! Don’t was a small town)”

“He was in a band and I went to all their gigs. I dated his younger brother at 16, went off to Art College at 18 and on to Manchester for an Art Degree at University.”

“Steve meanwhile moved to London and we both led separate lives for years but always kept in touch and returned to our hometown occasionally to catch up with our mutual group of friends.”


“Fast Forward to 1996.”

“After a disastrous relationship, I decided to move back home and in with my parents. Anything was better than continuing with my unhappy circumstances.

“So I left my home, my job and my lovely Northern life and moved back to my hometown.”

“Steve too had been experiencing some traumatic circumstances of his own and moved back to our hometown soon after.”

“Fate it seemed was bringing us back together.”

“Unbeknownst to both of us, all of our friends and our families insisted that we were ‘meant to be together’ and in 1997, we finally became a couple.”

“By now, I was 26 and Steve was about to turn 30.”


“I started freelancing and worked in a design studio. Steve was working as a stationery manager but when he was made redundant for the 4th time (yes, really), we decided we would try and make it on our own.”

We set up our own business with about 17 pence between us. We had no idea what we were doing at first!

“Steve was good at hitting things with hammers and since I had a background of ‘colouring-in’ we wanted to put our creative talents to better use.”

“So began a hard few years of travelling to shows around the country, working all hours to make ends meet, trying to get ourselves known whilst dealing with all that life had to throw at us.”

“We started selling handmade wooden products – gifts, decorative items, signs and mirrors. Steve made them all and then I hand painted them.”

“We went to ‘craft markets’ (basically stalls of bric-a-brac and lace covered bins with us in the middle).”

“Lots of getting up at 5am in the dark and cold and paying 20p to use the public toilets to warm our hands up under the dryers!”

“We once paid £12 for a stall and took home the princely sum of £5!!”

“Business-wise, although we can laugh about it now, but we had years of sheer bad luck.”

“The petrol crisis, foot and mouth, floods and freakish weather affected so many of our shows.”

“Our vehicles suffered van hit by a lorry, another had it’s engine stolen, another broken into, another the engine broke in half!”


“Things did improve.”

“We started attending much better ‘craft fairs’ mainly around Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire & Derbyshire.”

“We became Giddy Kipper in 2004 and were selected for Country Living Fairs in London and Scotland.”

“Our products began appearing in home magazines including Coast, Country Living, Country Homes & Interiors, Homes & Antiques and Ideal Home.”

“By 2006, we had ventured into the wedding industry and loved it.”

“We won two National wedding awards for our Special Touches.”

“Our wedding products are now bestsellers and we are about to launch our Giddy Weddings & Events website.”


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“On a personal level though, things were much worse.”

“Steve had tragically lost his younger brother aged 24 in 1995 and when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, his wonderful Mum became ill and lost her fight against cancer aged 57 in 2000. We were devastated.”

“I am truly thankful that his Mum saw how happy we were together in spite of everything.”

“I had known the whole family for such a long time and she wrote me a letter just before she died that I will treasure forever.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to understand life when it throws up such a seemingly never-ending amount of bad stuff. You have to carry on somehow and we’ve been there for each other through it all.”

“Another 5 years passed and within the space of a 5 month period, tragedy struck again. It was a very dark time.”

“On Steve’s birthday 2004, we awoke to the heart-breaking news that a family friend had been killed in a freak accident at 47, followed by one of our best friends in May 2005 from a heart attack, after a bout of pneumonia, aged just 33.”

“It felt like our whole world was unravelling again. There had to be some happiness to come. As ever, we kept each other going and at times we laughed through the sadness.”

“I look back and wonder where all those years went – I don’t feel any different. I’m still in my 20s inside my head (although the body might tell a different story!)”


“Then all of a sudden I realised I was in my 30s, my middle 30s at that!”

“At 35, the inevitable ‘baby-clock’ was louder than ever.”

“We’d talked about children often and both wanted to be parents.”

“We’d also talked about getting married – this was a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ but the practical side of things (i.e paying for a wedding!) always got in the way.”

“We had to make a decision and given my age (I was classed as geriatric in pregnancy rude!!), the kids came first.. A wedding would have to wait.”

“Of course, nothing went to plan..oh no!”


“The pregnancy part was actually not a problem although being in maternity clothes at 8 weeks certainly rang alarm bells and both births were followed by months of bad post natal depression.”

“Not the dreamy baby-bubble start that’s for sure! We had our first beautiful son in February 2007.”

“Only problem was, I had had to have major surgery under general anaesthetic due to the ridiculously large fibroid scuppering all plans for any kind of natural birth or normal c-section for that matter.”

“My op involved two large incisions – the outer one left me with a scar running from just under my ribs to about two inches below my now non-existent belly button!”

“Trust me to be the medical marvel as my consultant gleefully put it!”

“It took a while for me to come to terms with what had happened so it wasn’t until 2011 that we added to our family. Another beautiful son in June that year.”

“Unfortunately, I knew what was to come for his birth but they were obviously both worth every minute.”

“Our boys are a complete joy and we only have to look at them to remember what really matters in all the chaos and upset.”

“It’s still hard at times trying to juggle a small business with children and all the usual daily matters to deal with at the same time, but we manage.”

“We spend as much time as we can playing, laughing, going to the beach and days out with the kids.”


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“Sadly it doesn’t stop the bad stuff creeping through – Steve’s lovely sister was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago and then my brother too, days before my birthday last Summer.”

“It hit us all hard – we needed something positive for everyone to look forward to.”

“Last October we were casually chatting again about organising our wedding.”

“Steve turned to me and said ‘we’d better get it all booked then’ I looked at him in disbelief.. Are you serious??”

“He grinned, we hugged, I cried and then I grinned!”

“It was exactly what we needed to do. We decided there and then that there was no point in trying to save for the Big Day or putting it off any longer.”


“I did get my engagement ring eventually. Steve’s proposal didn’t quite go to plan, you’ll probably not be surprised to hear!”

“My ring had to be re-sized and on Valentine’s day on one of our favourite beaches, Steve had to do without the ring. I got a haribo one instead..I couldn’t be happier!”

“Two weeks later on a Saturday evening in with the boys, Steve came into the lounge and dropped to his knees.”

“I started to help look under the sofa as I thought he’d dropped something, then suddenly realised he was holding a small ring-sized box….inside was a beautiful diamond ring.”


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“So that’s where we’s been quite a journey so far.”

“August 22nd 2015 is the official date. We’re getting the whole family involved and are looking forward to a big old-fashioned knees up in a village hall.”

“The church is booked and all systems are go!”


I have known Heidi for a number of years, and she is an amazing woman, and a bit of a hoot, you should see her with an inflatable guitar!

So is really wonderful to be able to share this special time in her life, and I can’t wait for her to share all her adventures as our Blogging Bride over the next few months….


Main Image and childrens image: Harvey & Harvey Photography


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    I had no idea of your back story Heidi, you’ve always carried a smile and elegant with it on and offline, when we have met in the past. Big love to you all, a wonderful heartfelt post. I look forward to reading about your wedding plans xxx

  2. Reply

    What a very sad but equally moving and lovely life story, a couple that have really been through the worst, stuck together and love has prevailed. It just reiterates that life is tough, but it goes on and you have to look forwards, not backwards. Wishing you all the best for what will no doubt be a fantastic celebration of the life you have had together and the life you continue to look forward to. I’m sobbing, literally xx

  3. Reply

    Oh my goodness! I totally missed these comments. Thank you so much Zoe and Helen..what lovely things to say.
    I’m so touched by your replies. Very excited about the wedding day and very emotional too…just hope I don’t blub too much and ruin my make up!!!!
    Heid xxx

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