The Triumph of Finding a Triumph! – Choosing a Wedding Car

Today our lovely Blogging Bride, Sophie is back with tales of choosing a Wedding Car, and how once again finding suppliers for your Wedding can come from the most unexpected of places.

Sophie has previously shared with us an introduction to her and fiance Jon and also her search for the Wedding Venue, and the Wedding Band.


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I hand over to Sophie to share her tale of finding the automobile of Wedding Dreams….


“As my sign off alludes to, I’m no stranger to our lovely little local pub (which happens to be a grand total of 4 doors down from our home – terrible and brilliant in equal measures!).”

“Having this friendly local so close has given us the opportunity to get to know many others from the village and it’s been a fantastic way to gently integrate ourselves into the village community.”

“A few weeks ago I was enjoying a, err…diet coke in the pub when we got chatting with a couple that we’d seen there a few times before.”

“We have chatted with them on a number of occasions now and they are fantastic people, with a fantastic car….”


“I had no set idea of what I wanted for a wedding car and to be totally honest, I’d even considered just calling a taxi to get us there.”

“It isn’t a long journey from house to venue and so I didn’t really put too much thought into it.”

“It was only the other week as we were sat outside the pub when the couple arrived that I noticed how beautiful the car they drove was.”

“A cream Triumph Herald. We’d spoken about his classic cars before, but I was struck at just how gorgeous and immaculate it was.”

Later that evening, I asked him if he had ever used the car for a wedding before. His face absolutely lit up and he said “no but I can definitely start, would you be interested?”

“I said yes and basically the deal was done!”

“I was thrilled at just how genuinely pleased he seemed to be asked and his partner instantly started making plans for decorating the car.”


Triumph_Herald_1200_1968, wedding car


And an Extra Little Bonus….


“I told the guy that of course we would pay for it and his response blew me away; “buy me a beer, after the wedding of course when you’ve finished paying for it!”

“I think we will be buying him more than one beer to thank him for his kindness!”

“Wedding car for me and dad ticked off the list and all by just seeing a car I liked and making friends down our local.”

“We’re chuffed to bits that our new found friends will be playing a part in the wedding and that the car is really something special.”

“When I told my dad about the car, he regaled me with tales of my late Granny’s past Triumph cars and how he learned how to drive in one, which made the choice even better.”

“Now to keep our fingers crossed that the car stays road worthy for another year!”


About our Blogging Bride: Sophie writes for UK wedding directory Ready or Knot and is currently in the process of planning her wedding to Jon.

When she’s not planning her wedding, you’ll find her out walking her dog Reuben with her fiancé and frequenting one of the many local country pubs around her, for a diet coke of course!


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