When it all gets too much – Blogging Bride Heidi shares Wedding Meltdowns

Today we are back with my awesome Blogging Bride Heidi who tells us all about something most Brides experience on the path to Marriage….Wedding Meltdowns.

If you are in the Wedding Industry you may know Heidi, who with her right hand man Steve runs Wedding special touches company Giddy Kipper.

If you missed the first instalment, you can look back on the introduction, the second instalment on all the lists she had made as a Bride to be about how she wants her day to be, and the third instalment on keeping things local.

Now as the day tiptoes ever closer, Heidi discusses the wedding wobbles and how sometime it gets a little too much…


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Image – Harvey & Harvey Photography – http://www.harveyharveyphotography.com/


I hand you over to Heidi….


“Ok. I have to remember to breathe….”

“We’re on the just over 2 month countdown and my stress levels hit an all-time high last weekend.”

“It was the deadline for RSVPs, we still have so much left to do, no dress yet or outfits for the boys..the list goes on.”


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Image by Marianne Chua Photography – http://www.mariannechua.com/


“After I’d had a good blub and thought ‘let’s forget the whole thing’ about 5 times, I pulled myself together.”

“It’s disappointing when special people in your life say they can’t make it on the day but I just have to accept the fact that maybe it’s not all going to be ‘perfect’ but it will be special no matter what happens.”

“I am marrying my best friend, my soul mate, my red-wine drinking partner.”

“The day will come together one way or another. Our little boys are Best Men and we will be together with the majority of our family & friends – all there on the day because they love us.”

“Ok, I am calmer now and thinking positively again. I am certain EVERY bride has teeny tiny Wedding meltdowns along the way.”


“All the important things are in place and apart from our wedding attire (we have a shopping trip planned for the boys and my dress fabric is on the way!), it is only the fluffy wedding stuff left to finish.”

“It’s all my own fault. I made a list at the start of our planning process.”

“A very big let’s-do-all-this-stuff list and it kind of grew into my own wedding carnival.”

“I have cut it down since those first over-excited scribblings but I am determined to get as many finished as possible.”

“Thankfully I have very understanding and hugely creative parents who have seen their daughter’s vision, rolled their eyes a bit and then got stuck in.”

“You know what, now they are as excited over the ‘stuff’ as we are!”


“So what did we decide to do??”

“With around 30 children coming to the wedding and all our favourite people in one place, we wanted the day to be fun above all else.”

“Forget classy, coordinated wedding style…that’s just not us. We wanted something bright and fun and well, US!”


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Image courtesy of Booth Revolution – http://www.boothrevolution.com
Martha Stewart Weddings, DIY Tattoo Parlour
Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings – http://marthastewartweddings.com


“As I’ve mentioned before, Seaside is the overall theme with a bit of funfair thrown in, end-of-the-pier fun and competitions!”

“We’ve made our own temporary tattoo parlour, a very large beach hut backdrop for a DIY photo booth (complete with kiss-me-quick hats and inflatable sea creatures), an old-fashioned peep-through seaside board, a coconut shy, a ball-in-a-bucket game, name the lobster and not forgetting the very competitive bake-off!”


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Image – Assassynation Photography- http://www.assassynation.co.uk
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Image – Mia Hooper Photography – http://www.mia-photography.com


“The whole family are getting involved.”

“My sister-in-law is making our wedding cake, my brother is writing our chalkboard, Mum & Dad have made the amazing funfair games and are growing my wedding flowers, my auntie is making jam, my cousin is making cupcakes!”


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Image – Alan Law Photography – http://www.alanlawphotography.co.uk
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Image – Marie Wootton Photography – http://www.mariewoottonphotography.co.uk
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Image courtesy of Traditional Fairground Props – http://www.traditionalfairground.com
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Image courtesy of Traditional Fairground Props – http://www.traditionalfairground.com


“Mum and Dad have also made a sweet shop since Steve’s Uncle used to own one and have painted his family name on the side…I have the BEST parents in the world!”


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Image – Steven Anthony Photography – http://www.stevenanthonyphotography.co.uk


“We’ve asked for the ages of all the children coming to the wedding too (I forget just how quickly they’re all growing up!!) so that we can get them all a little gift.”

“The little ones will be receiving fluffy sea creatures and the older ones will be getting activity sheets, bubbles and other small treats all in their own bucket and spade.”


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Image – Emma Gutteridge – http://www.emmalucyphotography.com


“We’re also currently making seaside-inspired place name card holders, table numbers and a postcard table plan and guestbook.”


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Image – Jeremy & Kristin Photography – http://www.kristinnicolephotography.com


“That’s if I can keep calm enough the finish it all…!”


Until next time…..

Heidi x


Awww we all have the wedding wobbles and wedding meltdowns sometimes.

Its one of the most significant celebrations and events in our lives and as well as the pressure that others place upon us we heap the pressure upon ourselves with the expectations we place on ourselves.


Please leave Heidi some support and encouragement and share your wedding meltdown stories too….  MrsPandP  x


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