A beautiful Buckinghamshire Engagement Shoot at Danesfield House Hotel

Today  I am delighted to share this beautiful Buckinghamshire Engagement shoot with the cutest of pooches.

Sammie and Anthony are getting married next year, and Rolo their chocolate labrador joined them for a beautiful walk in the woods and the grounds of their stunning Wedding Venue to create some amazing memories…

Images were captured by  Summers Photography.


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Summers Photography is a photographic company based in Berkshire and is owned by Stephanie Cronin.

The company is diverse in its set up. One half is weddings; where the other half is photographic training.

Stephanie says “Photography and the media is in the bloodline. Both my Grandfather and my Father worked in newspapers and I started my photography career work experience in The Glasgow Herald in 1999.”

“At the age of 14 I won my first photography competition, and by the time I was a teen I had polaroids, a Pentax electronic zoom and many a film SLR handed down.”

“Fast forward to 18 and I worked in photography developing stores, portrait studios and developed at working my own business from 2000 to date.”


I now hand over to the lovely Bride Sammie…


Who are you?

“We are Sammie Horwood and Anthony Coleborn, and our pooch is Rolo.”


How did you meet?

“We were introduced through friends.”


When, and where are you getting married?

“We are getting married at Danesfield House Hotel in Medmenham on 23rd September 2016.”

“As well as being beautiful it has a remarkable history.”

“Danesfield House, as it stands today, is the third property to have been built within this glorious setting, amidst 65 acres of formal gardens with outstanding views over the River Thames and to the Chiltern Hills beyond.”

“4,000 years ago, the site was reputed to have been a resting place of nomadic tribes who paused to hunt nearby land and fish in the then untamed river.”

“Because of the ample game and the discovery of flint within the chalk-based cliffs, the site became a settlement throughout the ages and although not named “Danesfield” until many years later, this name originated from the fact that Danish adventurers made an encampment here.”

“The next recollection of the estate is the transfer of land ownership in 1664 to an Edmund Medlycott.”

“He and his wife Margaret built what is assumed to be the first property on the site, known at that time as “Medlycotts” and they lived there with their son James for over 60 years.”


Why did you choose their wedding venue?

“I wanted to get married in our family church in Chalfont St Peter so it limited where our venue could be as we didn’t want a long travel distance between the venues.”

“We had looked around a few venues within around a 30 minute drive of the church and nothing caught our eye until Danesfield, it is so grand so as soon as we walked in we knew it was the one.”


Have you a particular Wedding theme, and what are you looking forward to the most on the day?

“Our theme is Vintage, peach and golds as it really fits in with our venue.”

“We are both looking forward to spending the day with our nearest and dearest on what will be the best day of our lives, celebrating the start of our married life.”


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Thank yu so much to Stephanie for sharing this fabulous Buckinghamshire Engagement Shoot.

What a stunning location to start your journey as a married couple, and what a lovely furry companion they have to share it with.


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