A breathtaking and adventurous couples shoot in the canyons of Utah

Today I am thrilled to share a breathtaking and adventurous couples shoot in the canyons of Utah.

The red rock wonderlands of Arches National Park and Dead Horse State Park with their natural stone arches, amazing rock formations and towering pinnacles were the setting to make memories for couple Rachelle and Shane.

Images were captured by Adventure Amore.

Adam at Adventure Amore is a Colorado elopement photographer capturing special moments for adventurous couples looking to celebrate their love in Rocky Mountains, Yosemite, or anywhere their adventurous hearts desire.


Rachelle and Shane’s adventurous couples shoot shoot was a full-day extravaganza filled with multiple stops, unique experiences, and a tremendous amount of love.

Shane had proposed to Rachelle on Christmas Eve in the Bahamas, and for their engagement photos they were super excited to do something adventurous closer to home.

We planned this shoot to be truly epic, encompassing different scenery, different emotions and looks, and a truly unique natural occurrence.

From my research, I knew that this day was special. It was one of only a handful of days, around 8 days per year, when the sun at sunrise would shine through the south window arch and through Turret Arch at Arches National Park in Utah.

We arrived before dawn and played a bit with the purple sky before the sun popped over the horizon.

When the time came, Rachelle and Shane did their thing – dancing, playing, and having a good time while the sun shone all over them.

The stunning natural background provided us with texture, light, and colour beyond anything we could have created ourselves.


For the first part of our day, as the light danced on the red rocks, the couple wore complementary shades of blue.

Rachelle’s gorgeous ocean blue dress and Shane’s navy suit were chosen specifically to pop against the landscape and to match Rachelle’s sapphire engagement ring.

For the intimate part of the shoot, we hiked to a private oasis away from the crowds where they stripped down to sleek basics and played on the rocks, in the sand, and in my favourite part – the massive shadow of an enormous tree that covered one side of the cliff walls.

They even climbed up as if they were Tarzan and Jane, swinging from the branches.


Later in the evening, we moved onto Dead Horse State Park where we danced and took in the views of the massive valleys, mountains, and red rocks before us.

Shane removed his jacket and Rachelle changed into a flowy white dress to contrast with the fiery colours and shadows of the setting sun.

Once the sun went down we didn’t stop, we took our lanterns and explored the area, shining bright as the stars came out.

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    Thanks so much for sharing our incredible shoot! R & S and I are thrilled to share this incredible day with your readers 🙂

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