A stylish and colourful urban pre wedding shoot in Manchester

Today I am thrilled to share this stylish and colourful urban pre wedding shoot in Manchester.

Images were captured by About Today Photography.

About Today Photography are Zoe & Tom, a husband and wife team and Wedding and portrait photographers based in Manchester.

They describe their style as artistic, contemporary, relaxed and colourful.


They say of the couples shoot…


You don’t always need to travel far for a pre wedding shoot location, sometimes you can find cool places just at the end of your own street!

We met Rose & Josh at their local bar in Monton Village, Manchester for a coffee and chat. To our excitement just outside the window of the bar we found this epic Manchester Bee wall mural!

We love colourful wedding photography so we couldn’t wait to use this colourful graffiti dedicated to Manchester in some of their pre wedding shoot photos.

We love this couples style, Josh’s cool tropical print shirt and Rose’s emerald skirt were perfect for the colourful, urban backdrop.

We then had a walk along to Monton Green and to the Bridgewater canal to get a few more shots around their local village.


I hand over to the couple to share their love story…


Tell us about yourselves…

Hi, We’re Rosie (24) and Josh (25). I’m from Teesside and Josh is from Manchester.

We recently moved to Monton where we’ve bought our first home, although we have lived together for almost 4 years, and basically lived in each others studios at Uni!

How did you meet as a Couple?

We met at university in Paris where we both studied French.

My ‘buddy’ at Freshers’ week was Becca who invited me to a party she was throwing for a friend’s birthday.

That friend was Josh and nearly 6 years later Becca is going to be our Best (Wo)man.

Initially, Josh thought I was rude because I didn’t know it was his birthday party and I thought he was miserable because he doesn’t enjoy birthdays (something I’m working hard to fix!).

Turns out we like each other just fine and found that out a couple of nights later in a club, where a friend of ours managed to capture the moment of our first kiss. It is not a good photo…

When and how did you get engaged?

Our birthdays and fifth anniversary fell on the same weekend, so we decided to go back to Paris to mark the occasion.

It was an unseasonably warm day in October, and Josh popped the question whilst we were watching the boats go by from the banks of the Seine after we’d just eaten lunch at one of our favourite restaurants.

Since we had celebrated his birthday the night before, we were still too hungover to toast our engagement with a glass of champagne, so we opted for ice cream instead.

When are you getting married?

We are getting married on the 22nd September 2018 at Stockport Town Hall.

Vintage buses will be taking us to our reception at the Lead Station in Chorlton for a delicious meal, drinks and dancing. We can’t wait.

Why did you choose this location or concept for your Engagement shoot?

We chose Monton because it’s  home to us.

We often visit the cafes and restaurants on the high street and we love the street art there so it seemed like a great fit!

The canal runs right in front of our home too, so it was special to us to get a few shots there as we love to walk along it on lazy Sundays and watch the boats go by.

Thanks to Zoe and Tom for sharing this colourful urban pre wedding shoot. I’m sure the Wedding is going to be just as incredible.

I love the edginess of the graffiti against the softer tones of the architecture around, just brings the images to life.

Their beaming smiles light up the images too and their happiness and passion for each other radiates.


To Contact About Today Photography

Website – https://www.abouttodayphotography.co.uk/

Email – abouttodayphotography@gmail.com

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