A Vintage Railway Engagement Shoot on the Watercress Line

Today I am thrilled to share this lovely Vintage Railway Engagement Shoot on the Watercress Line.

Images were captured by Becky Ryan Photography.

Becky Ryan is a Derbyshire based Wedding and portrait photographer who specialises in alternative weddings.

She is a lover of tea, cake, handwritten letters and gorgeous red lipstick.

Her style of photography is natural, unobtrusive, fun, romantic and creative.


I hand over to the couple to say hello…


Tell us a wee bit about yourselves…

We’re both socially awkward introverts, I love musicals, the 50s/60s styles and music and our 5 guinea pigs.

Karl is a huge rail enthusiast, currently studying digital design at university, and an aspiring 3d modeller.

How did you meet as a Couple?

We met online, Karl was living in Wales at the time which was about 200 miles away from me, but we clicked immediately and messaged each other all the time.

Due to distance we didn’t meet until Karl broke up from college for the Summer and he came to Reading to visit his mum.

As this was close by we were finally able to arrange our first date and neither of us wanted it to end.

Tell us about the Proposal…

Karl proposed on November 11th 2016.

He had booked a room at a lovely hotel in Alton where we visited for a few drinks on our first date. He even spoiled me with little chocolates from a local chocolatier!

We went out for dinner and when we came back, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

He nearly didn’t get through the question, he was so anxious but the whole evening was perfect.

Why did you choose this location or concept for your Engagement shoot?

We chose this location as Karl has always enjoyed visiting here and even volunteered here for a while.

On our first date just before we said goodbye we sat and watched as one of the steam trains arrived at the station.

We ended up visiting the Watercress Line properly on our 3rd date and many times after so it seemed perfect place for our engagement shoot.

Thank you so much to Becky and the couple for allowing me to share this beautiful vintage railway engagement shoot.

There is something incredibly romantic about the railway, and thoughts go back to days gone by and waving off your love to the War.

Kayleigh and Karl look like they really had fun with the theme and Becky has captured come gorgeous imagery.


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    I loved doing this shoot so much! Thanks a lot for sharing! ^_^

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