Anticipation – A 50’s inspired Engagement Shoot – Beulah and James – Images by Sarah Morris Photography

Sarah Morris is an incredible new Photographer based in London specialising in Portrait, Celebration and Wedding Photography.

Sarah has recently been involved in the Channel 5 series Celebrity Wedding Planner on the photography side. Beaulah and James’s epic Wedding was organised by the fab Jedward, but today I want to take a step back from that to focus on their stunning Engagement Shoot.

Sarah is based in London and says of her work, “I love the weird and the wonderful, the simple and the sane. I am inspired by those around me and try to capture their essence in my work.”

“I am as comfortable working with dizzying Burlesque danacers as I am with energetic toddlers….as indeed an appealing brick wall should it catch my eye.”

Sarah chatted with me about herself and inspiration behind her fantastic images on the Couples first trip out with the Camera.

The follow up of their Wedding will be shared by Ciara at Wed in London.

Tell us about you

“I started work as a wedding photographer in April 2011 after completing a 2 year National Diploma in photography. I worked for free for 2 years to gain experience and decided to focus my attention on wedding photography as I am passionate about weddings!”

When did you meet the Couple?

“I met Beulah whilst I was still at College and working as the photographer for a Burlesque events co-ordinator, we became friends and I got in touch with her when I realised she was to be married and the rest is history!”

Tell us about the Couple

“Beulah is a Burlesque performer, very kind, feisty, funny and a proper bombshell, James and electrician, he is VERY sweet, a real gent and they are both really easy to get along with. I am unsure how long they have been together but they are so happy together and make a wonderful couple.”

Tell us about their Engagement Shoot

“As Beulah is an established burlesque performer, I decided we were going to go with a ‘50’s’ style shoot.
I created a mood board using old shots of Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh and various shots from the TV programme Madmen.

“I wanted to aim for the feeling of her waiting for James to come home from work, James arriving and them unwinding, I think it worked quite well!”

“The couple were great and were both open to suggestion and forthcoming with ideas. I spent several hours with them and they were thrilled with the results!”

Thank you so much to Sarah for allowing me to share her outsatnding work and to Beulah and James for allowing us a tiny glimpse of their lives.

The images are those that when you first see them they make you stop in your tracks.

They share a true story and I absolutely covet the 50’s styling…it just really works.

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