The Army Man and the 40’s Bride – A stunning Forces Engagement Shoot…Images by Mercedes Morgan Photography

Sometimes there is a story that just grips you or an image that takes your breath away.
Today I share the stunning Engagement Shoot of Bradley who is in the American Forces, and his lady, Veronica who certainly knows how to capture the style of the 40’s Bride to be.
The imagery of the day was captured by Mercedes Morgan Photography.

We start by speaking to the really quite lovely Mercedes,
“I started my Photography  company in January 2011, and my husband, the one who encouraged me to start, began shooting weddings with me nine months ago.”
“We do portraits and weddings, but mostly weddings. It’s been a blessing to be able to share and preserve the stories of couples and families in pictures.”
“It’s terribly sweet how a few of our couples are uncomfortable in front of the camera, I am the same way, but mostly everyone we work with is sincerely wonderful, and it isn’t very long before they’re having fun. We simply get to be there and capture it all”
“I met Veronica and Bradley through an organization called Operation Love Reunited. OpLove offers military families two complimentary photo shoots each year by professional photographers, and they have a presence almost everywhere the US military does.”
“Though stationed in Alaska, Veronica and Bradley flew to Texas to spend some much-needed R&R with their family members when he was granted an early two-weeks off. Veronica planned her own outfit and had her hair and makeup done just for that day.”
“As you can see, she is particularly stunning and it’s no wonder her handsome husband is smitten!”
“My Recollections of the shoot…..oh my!! I was incredibly nervous and I really didn’t have to be. If ever there was a person who embodied “amiable” it was Bradley, and Veronica is exceedingly gracious.”
“Wherever we went during our time together they were so generous with smiles and hand-shakes for people who would approach and thank Bradley for his service.”
“Both of them were game for my suggestions for poses but at several points, I gave them lots of room and asked them to just “do your thing.” Honestly, those were the times I had to step back and reign in my emotions.”
“They were so sweet and wonderfully affectionate with each other. Bradley would say or do something to tease her and she’d respond by beaming at him.”
“The waning sunlight was like a wonderful bow on the gift of their time that they gave to me.”


Forties Bride

40's bride, forces groom, army groom

40's bride, forces groom, army groom

40's bride, forces groom, army groom

40's bride, forces groom, army groom

40's bride, forces groom, army groom


Our Forces  Groom Bradley takes up their Love story,

“The story to how Veronica and I met is not one of corny mishap, or cheesy “love at first sight” story, but more like childhood friends who reunited and fell in love as grown adults.”

“We first met when I moved from San Antonio to Seguin, Texas.”

“Our families attended the same church and Veronica, her older brother, and I were really good friends. After moving two and a half years later, we eventually lost touch.”

“We both grew up – she attended college and I joined the Army.”

“After Basic training I looked her up, and we dated every night for the week that I was home before coming to my duty station in Alaska. We both wanted more time and can admit we were in love by the time I had to leave.

“I received orders to deploy to Afghanistan and I knew I didn’t have much time to marry the love of my life. So about three weeks after that first date I asked her to marry me.”

“She spent the next two months planning for our wedding.”

“I flew down to Texas on a four day pass and married the love of my life on October 9, 2010. We are so blessed to be best friends and have one another to love for the rest of our lives. This is just the beginning of a wonderful love story!”


40's bride, forces groom, army groom

40's bride, forces groom, army groom

40's bride, forces groom, army groom

40's bride, forces groom, army groom

40's bride, forces groom, army groom


Thank you so much to Mercedes for sharing her extraordinary Photography.

The images more than capture the depth of consuming love that Bradley and Veronica have for each other. Its so much more than romantic, its spine tinglingly passionate.

Thank you also to serviceman Brad and 40’s Bride Veronica for sharing their story….when you meet the right person you just KNOW!


If you are getting married in Texas, Mercedes would love to hear from you and share in capturing your Big day.

She also says “I’ve always wanted to see the UK, and if we get to book a wedding there that would be a dream come true!”


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