Eyes to the Soul – An Engagement Shoot – Images by Tom Cairns Photography

Today I am really excited to share this beautiful Engagement Shoot from the lens of Tom Cairns Photography.

Tom is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Photography has been a passion for Tom as long as he can remember.  He has always found that being able to capture moments in time and to look back at them over the years is something really special.

Life is always on the move. People change, memories blossom and fade. His approach to photography is a refreshingly simple one: his style is honest and fun, celebrating life, love and family.

He takes time to get to know his clients and to understand what makes them tick so that he can reflect his clients individuality in the images he takes.

To strengthen the feeling of intimacy in his photography he prefer’s to work on-location with natural light, which compliments his belief of taking honest, simple, beautiful images that capture the beauty and connection a family enjoys. He’s constantly watching and waiting to capture fresh and original images and presenting them to clients with a modern contemporary feel.

The key thing is for Tom is then to turn those ordinary moments into extraordinary images and present them as a work of art, be it on a wall or in a beautiful book.

The end results are family heirlooms that celebrate moments in time, which will forever warm your heart.

Tom shares his recent Engagement Shoot at one of Scotland’s top hotels,

“Being one of Turnberry Resort’s recommended wedding photographers is a huge thing for me. They have only recently started to promote themselves again as a wedding destination and to have been chosen by them was a major boost for my credibility as a wedding photographer.”

“The Resort is one of the most prestigious in Scotland, it’s location and surrounding scenery is just stunning…oh and the fact that I play golf does make it a bit extra special for me…With all of the amazing facilities that the Resort offers a bridal couple, it’s no wonder that they are seriously busy with forthcoming weddings.”

“One such couple are Joanne and Anthony from Richmond in London. They were up here for a family break and had been visiting the hotel one day. They had been making plans for their wedding which they initially thought would have been held down South somewhere, but after seeing Turnberry’s wedding brochure, it got them to thinking that this might be the very place for their special day.”

“So later this year, they and about 90 or so of their friends and family are coming to Turnberry for what will be a seriously glamorous wedding. I’m sure that the fact there is a Championship golf course attached to the Resort won’t be of interest to Anthony and his mates in any way….”

“We had been chatting back and forth on email and by phone, so to say that I was delighted when they asked me to be their wedding photographer would be a mild understatement.”

“I met them both at the Resort recently to talk over their plans for the day and we took the opportunity to wander around the place to see where would be the best spots to get some amazing images on the day itself.”

“Some people call it a “pre-wedding shoot” but it does serve a purpose. It lets the couple get used to the photographer, how they work etc, gives them a better idea of what’s going to be involved and it also gives them the chance to think a bit more about the photography aspect of their day and to come back with their ideas on the types of images they want. They are a lovely couple and I can’t wait to be a very small part of their special day”

Thanks so much to Tom for sharing these beautiful images. The couple are quite literally madly in love and the eyes tell a powerful story about the depth of feeling.

To Contact Tommy

Website: http://www.tomcairnsphotography.com

Email: tom@tomcairnsphotography.com

Phone: 07775 896 680

Blog: http://www.tomcairnsphotography.com/blog/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tom-Cairns-Photography/170971836287396

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