A Funny Love – Comic Strip Style Engagement Shoot – Images by Lush Wedding Photography

I love it when couples get creative in imagery so this fun, comic strip style Engagement shoot captured by Robert of Lush Wedding Photography ticks all my boxes.

Pamela & Richard have been engaged for two years and are getting married at St Michaels Chyrchin & The Norton House Hotel near Edinburgh.

They are planning a Rock and Roll/Hollywood theme for their nuptuals.
Robert of Lush says “The pre-wedding shoot was at Lodge Park in Hawick where Richard comes from & where Pamela moved to pursue a teaching job.”

“Richard is a trained actor, an ex-online radio DJ and I assume a huge Batman fan.” 

“They wanted something a ‘little’ different from their pre-wedding shoot which was a surprise to me as I was greeted with clapper boards, props and ideas galore!!”
“I’m very much looking forward to the Wedding Day and will be prepared for any and all of Richard’s ideas… along with a few of my own.”


Pam-Rich 001 - lush

Pam-Rich 002 - lush Pam-Rich 003 - lush

Pam-Rich 004 - lush

Pam-Rich 006 - lush

Pam-Rich 007 - lush

Pam-Rich 008 - lush


 Pam-Rich Comic Strip - lush[1]


Thanks so much to Robert for sharing this brilliant Comic Strip Style Engagement Shoot.

Sometimes its nice to think outside the box when getting your photographs taken.

An Engagement Shoot is used to relax you with you photographer so the real you can shine through.

It should perfectly reflect your personality and you can take in any direction that you wish (obviously with some input from your Photographer on what works best).

I love that this couple has chosen to fling all their creativity into making this a very fun and memorable shoot, and I really can’t wait to see what they come up with for their Big Day!


To see further examples of Roberts work/Wedding Photography see Land of Make Believe.


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