Meghan and Simons beautiful Cambridge Pre Wedding Shoot featuring Dotty, the most darling cat in England

Today I am absolutely thrilled to share Meghan and Simons beautiful Cambridge Pre Wedding Shoot featuring the most darling cat in England.

Images of this lovely shoot were captured by Lina and Tom


Cambridge Pre Wedding Shoot


Lina and Tom are a boyfriend and girlfriend Photography team, freshly engaged themselves.

Their strong bond means they shoot in tandem, sometimes so in tune it is freaky.

They both LOVE weddings and coo & ahhh our way though processing all the lovely pictures.

They live in a little country cottage in a little Cambridgeshire village.


They say of their day out with  Meghan, Simon and Dotty…


“In preparation for their Wedding at the Mayfair Library we had a great afternoon in Cambridge for their pre wedding shoot which was a contrast to the London skyline which would undoubtedly feature in their wedding.”

“Myself, and Tom are total cat-lovers, so when Meghan and Simon suggested starting the shoot at their flat so we could capture their gorgeous kitty Dotty we jumped at the chance!”

“After cooing over the little lady for a while, we headed into Cambridge and loved taking in the sights with them.”

“Meghan and Simon then thoroughly spoilt us by treating us to cake after at the gorgeous cafe Afternoon Tease.


I also spoke to beautiful Bride to be Meghan…


How did you meet?

“Simon and I met while we were both studying for the same post graduate degree at UCL.”

“We met a few days into the course, started to become friends a couple weeks into the course and were together after a couple of months.”

“We started spending time together and never really stopped! We adopted Dotty (our cat) from the RSPCA in January 2011 to complete to trio in our picture.”


Tell us about your engagement

“Simon proposed last June when we were on a holiday wine tasting in Napa.”

“I am from the United States and Simon knew that he wanted to speak to my parents in person before asking me to marry him.”

“We started our holiday off in Arizona where my family lives, and he had the chance to speak to them alone.”

“We flew up to Northern California where after a day of wine tasting, he proposed in the beautiful garden of our bed and breakfast.”

“It was absolutely perfect ! We then got to spend the next half of our vacation stopping in to see and celebrate with friends and family.”

































To follow on from the couples Engagement Shoot Meghan also shares a few words about her and Simons Wedding…


“Since we span two continents, so did our celebrations!”

“We got married in London at the Mayfair Library on February 17th, and celebrated with a beautiful dinner at Hawksmoor with Simon’s family, my mother and our close friends who live in the UK and Europe.”


Meghan and Simon - IMG_0150


Meghan and Simon - IMG_0228

Meghan and Simon - IMG_0350

Meghan and Simon - IMG_0847


“We then took the party on the road and went to the United States where we got to celebrate with more of my friends and family who couldn’t make it to the UK.”

“Also joining us were some of our friends from the UK and Europe and some of  Simons family too.”

“We hosted a party in my parents backyard, with ceilidh dancing and gin and tonics late into the night.”

“It was beautiful.”


Thank you so much to Lina and Tom for sharing this delightful Cambridge Pre Wedding Shoot.

Such a beautiful city with gorgeous architecture and picturesque nooks and crannys, and wonderful to capture precious moments.

Its lovely also to see Dotty get into the picture too being a huge part of the family, and Meghans and Simons life and isn’t she just a gorgeous kitty.


Thanks also for sharing a small insight into the couples intimate London Wedding day, such happiness radiating from smiles and such incredible light.


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