“Windswept” – Stunning Engagement Shoot – Images By Claire Watson Photography

Sometimes you just meet someone with such raw natural talent that it makes your heart sing a song.

I have known Claire Watson for a few months, and have chatted through the marvel of Twitter but I was lucky enough to meet her a month ago and see her work first hand.

Today I am delighted to be able to share an absolutely stunning Engagement Shoot that Claire recently captured.

Claire of Claire Watson Photography had been taking pictures for years but only set up as a family (including Wedding) photographer in January 2012 after the dawning realisation that she loved meeting people and telling their stories.

Here is the story of  Claire’s first ever engagement shoot,

I met Dawn and Liam for the first time on the day of the shoot. They are colleagues of my brother who had suggested it to them, mostly so that he wouldn’t have to help me out with my portfolio development.”

“They live in North Queensferry but are originally from south of the border so they were relying on me to pick the venue for the shoot. This turned out to be very easy as whatever you think about the Kingdom of Fife there is no arguing that it has some amazing locations to take pictures.”

“We ended up in Aberdour as it provided a great range of backdrops for different pictures within a very small area including cliffs, lighthouse, beach, old pier, woods…not forgetting the Road and Rail Bridges in the distance.”

“I had been warned that Dawn and Liam weren’t a particularly lovey-dovey couple (my brother’s words) but that they were great fun, so I started the shoot trying to workout how I would get them to pose so that they were comfortable but also how I would get the style of photos I would need for my portfolio. It turned out that I needn’t have worried they were fantastic and after the initial feeling of self consciousness that most of us feel when we are put in front of a camera they completely relaxed and sometimes seemed to forget that I was there, which gave me exactly they style of photos that I wanted. It was a great mix of mucking about and quiet heartfelt moments, perfect!”

“My goal is always to try and capture the emotion of the situation as a result how I style the images depends on what type of shoot it is. Particularly in engagement shoots I don’t really want the couple looking into the camera too much. My goal is for the pictures to tell a story about the couple, how they feel about each other and their future together.”





I am so grateful to Claire for allowing me to share these gorgeous images. Despite their reluctance initially with the camera, Claire has coaxed out their playful, emotional beings and its beautiful to see the contentment and joy in each frame.

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