Sunshine on a Rainy Day – Engagement Feature – Images by York Place Studio

Today I am thrilled to share the fabulous Pre Wedding Shoot of the lovely Steve and Rebecca on the Yorkshire coast, captured beautifully by York Place Studio.
York Place Studios is based in the coastal town of Scarborough in North Yorkshire.
The creative talent both behind the camera, and in post-production allows the creation of the best images and design work for clients.
Brother and sister team, Dominique and Liam Shaw provide a relaxed yet professional manner attracting clients from all over the country and abroad, keen to experience York Place Studios unique and refreshing style. 
Despite the less than perfect weather on the day, the camera just captures the sun shining out from within.
We had a chat to Rebecca the Bride about their journey so far…

“What can I say about Steve that has not been said thousand times. He’s an all round good guy so we let him off his odd obsession with Back to the future and Zombie movies.”

And Steve piped up too…

“Rebecca is my sweet heart. Outgoing, confident and talented – she is always there for friends and family.”

“She is also a brilliant chef, and super organised (read too organised). Oh, and she likes chips with everything.”

How we met…

“We met during my last year of uni, I was working at Starbucks full time over the summer. Steve would come in from time to time and order a tall Mocha (no whip).”

“(What Steve didn’t know at the time) Anytime he came in I would make sure I was on the bar to make his drink.”

“(What Rebecca didn’t know at the time) Steve had to walk past two other Starbucks just to come in and see if I was there.”

“Anyway after a while of doing this, one of us (now there is a little bit of a disagreement on this) asked the other out, and six and a half years later Steve popped the question on holiday in Thailand.”

The proposal…

“Steve had organised (with the help of a guy that looked a lot like Mr. Miyagi) a romantic dinner on the beach, complete with candles and flowers.”

“Steve asked if I wanted to go for a walk on the beach, and after a while stopped to ask me to put down my sandals.”

“I then, (as I always do) went on a massive tirade about the fact that if I put my sandals down there would be sand in the room, and how much I hated when there was sand in the room……… (you get the picture ), but after what must have felt like an eternity I finally put them down.”

“Steven then got down on one knee (I thought to pick up the sandals), and asked me to be his wife.”

“I need to add this bit in here as if I don’t Steve will moan, it took me a full 20 minutes to give him an answer.”

“In my defence there was a lot of crying, and explaining to random Thai people what had just happened.”

“However, if he had said he had the ring for a WHOLE YEAR I might have left giving him an answer until we got back to Leeds.”


This couple are so in love that not even rain can put a dampener on anything….just gorgeous images.

Thanks so much to the York Place team for sharing their beautiful work. 

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Phone: 01723 377790


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