A beautiful Love Letter celebrating 55 years of Love

How amazing it would be to celebrate the amazing milestone of 55 years of love and commitment, to have walked that path together through the challenges and the joys that life can bring you.

Today I share the story of Patricia and Jerry and the journey they have travelled side by side.

Images were captured by Laura and Rachel Photography.

They say of the couples love story and their shoot…


It’s 1961, Jerry is a local police officer in his early twenties and couldn’t help himself to notice the city’s secretary Patricia, as she walks down the hall past his office each morning.

Jerry’s Sergeant confronted him one morning, smiling shaking his head, saying he didn’t stand a chance with her.

After a five dollar friendly wager, and Jerry filled with confidence, he walked up to Patricia’s desk and asked her on a date, which she happily obligated.

With his palm facing up, Jerry marched back to his Sergeant, winning this bet, and that five dollars paid for their first date.

Less than a year after their first date they were married, settling into a home Jerry had recently bought from that same Sargent, and quickly started a family.

Fast forward through 55 years of love, with children gown, they now welcomed the years as being grandparents.


An older couple, the more wrinkles the better, strolling hand in hand, either laughing and smiling, or tender silence, pulls at our heart strings every time.

We can’t count the times we’ve seen a couple like this we point out with an “Awwwww… that is the sweetest! Now that is true love.”

A few months ago we put a plan in motion, to capture real love.

You might be asking yourself, don’t we do this every weekend while capturing weddings, and the answer is yes, we absolutely do, but there was something stirring deep within us to capture a different type of love.


Be Mine. True Love. Always & Forever. These are the things people say, especially on Valentine’s Day, that the heart aches to hear all year.

To a lot of people this special time of year y means I Love You’s, red roses, paper hearts, and boxes of chocolate, but this year  as we near the day we wanted to share a more personal project.

Every Sunday we would sit in the same seats at church and notice this adorable older couple a few rows up, always hand in hand, never apart.

Every Sunday we would smile at each other at how cute they were and how it made us feel so warm inside to imagine what such a mature love had been woven from.

Who would have known a few years later when this idea came to life, that the only couple we imagined capturing was this couple from church we so admired.


After our session with Jerry and Patricia, we stood on the beach talking for nearly an hour, listening to them share their love story, which soaked into us like we were turning the pages of a novel.

They were open and honest, sharing their highs and lows, smiling from ear to ear and finishing each others sentences.

As Jerry read the love letter he had written to his dear Trish during our session, we all cried, because friends this is everything, this is 55 years of love.



Venue: Private Residence

Photographer: Laura & Rachel Photography

Floral Designer: Seascape Flowers

Makeup Artist: Blush Monterey


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