A stunning 40th Anniversary shoot in a medieval city in Croatia

Today I am thrilled to share this stunning 40th Anniversary shoot in the medieval city of Trogir in Croatia.

To honour their time together and the amazing dedication they have for each other Joan and Paul had an anniversary photo shoot which as done as a celebration of their 40 years together.

Having an Anniversary shoot not only gives you new memories to treasure but also serves as a reminder of that enduring commitment beyond the butterflies of the wedding.

Images were captured by Katja & Simon Photography.

 Anniversary shoot

Katja and Simon are wedding story tellers.

They are based in Slovenia, Europe, but fell in love with travel so capture destination Weddings & Elopements in Italy, France, Slovenia and the rest of Europe.

During their first travels they discovered the beauty of photography and the love for telling stories grew into something bigger.

They don’t do just capture weddings, they also do pre-wedding photoshoots and engagement sessions, personal portraits, family portraits, kids portraits, and other events.


They say of this beautiful anniversary shoot…


Meeting new people is one of the exciting parts of our job, and more often than not we find ourselves talking about life with the older generation.

We’ve always been fascinated by the stories they tell and how passionately they describe their lives when they were our age.

These two are one of those passionate people, who, after 40 years of marriage still show so much love for each other and for life.

We’re so happy our paths crossed and that we were able to capture some of the memories of their anniversary in Trogir, Croatia.

Sure, it’s great to be in love when you’re young and energetic. But feeling love, trust and respect for each other after 4 decades is something that truly deserves honouring!

And for us, as the younger generation this is something we should really strive for.


Thank you so much to Katja & Simon for sharing this 40th anniversary shoot.

Marriage is a huge commitment, and even after the party is over and days turn to years that commitment should be celebrated and nurtured.

Supporting each other always makes a formidable force and the love and contentment in Joan and Pauls eyes shows that so beautifully.


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