A stunning Autumnal post wedding shoot at Roslin Glen

Today I am thrilled to share a stunning autumnal post wedding shoot at Roslin Glen Country Park.

Its getting colder, the leaves are falling and darker nights are drawing in but the light at this time of year can be spectacular.

The gorgeous tones of the forest with dark greens and the leaves with their rich reds, oranges and mustard yellow create an amazing backdrop too.

Images were captured by Moon Rabbit Wedding Photography.


Moon Rabbit Wedding Photography are Michael and Darja, a photography team based in Edinburgh.

Michael has an extensive background in fine art and photography.

Having graduated uni with a Drawing and Applied Arts degree, he has been working as a freelance photographer for the last 3 years.

He loves visual narratives and explores juxtaposition within his work.

His atypical approach to image making  results in highly personalised photo shoots.

Darja Bilyk is an award winning photographer from Moscow, Russia.

Having been published numerous times within the Russian fine-art photographic world, Darja now turns her gaze to Scotland where, along with her husband she has recently moved.

During her 8 years practicing as a photographer she has constantly developed her  unique cinematic style.

Specializing in magical realism, Darja’s work brings an enchanted aesthetic to the Moon Rabbit team.


I now hand over to gorgeous Bride Katriana…


 Tell us a wee bit about yourselves…

“We are both 22 and I am a stay at home parent to our 20 month old daughter, Ross works in  Lloyds bank.”

How did you meet?

“We actually met each other through Facebook in 2010, although we did have many friends in common as our high schools were quite close by!”

“We met in person for the first time in February 2011 at my best friends house party and it truly was love at first sight for both of us.”

Tell us about the Proposal…

“Ross proposed on Halloween 2014 at our daughters gender scan when I was 4 months pregnant.”

“He had it all arranged with the technician and had him wrote ‘Mummy will you marry my Daddy?’ on the screen while he got down on one knee.”

Tell us about the Wedding…

“Our wedding was at The Vu in Bathgate on the 13th of October 2016.”

“Our colour theme was purple and our theme in general was love and family.”

“Each table was named after a synonym for love (desire, adore, devotion).”

“We had lanterns at each table with different love quotes on them.”

Why did you choose this location for your Post Wedding Shoot?

The photographer helped us decide on the location for the post wedding shoot.”

“We hadn’t been to Roslin Glen before but I had a quick search on google for photos of the powder mills and knew the photos would be stunning, and they were!”

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Thank you so much to the couple for sharing their incredible autumnal post wedding shoot, and Moon Rabbit Weddings for sharing their exceptional images.

Aren’t the colours glorious and as the golden hour light creeps in it gives the images a whimsical ethereal quality and a shoot that is truly magical.


Shoot Credits

Photography – Moon Rabbit Weddings

Dress – Ronald Joyce  (Patience) – Gwenne Wedding Services

Wedding Dress Belt –  Etsy

Shoes – eBay

Jewellery – Accessorize

Suit – Matalan

Wedding rings – Smooch Rings


To Contact Moon Rabbit Wedding Photography

Website: http://www.moonrabbitweddings.com/

Email: Moonrabbitweddings@Gmail.com

Phone: 07547518672

Be Social: Facebook  Instagram



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