An intimate and sensual beach couples shoot in Torbay

Today I am thrilled to share this intimate and sensual beach couples shoot in Torbay.

Agnes & Kestas wanted to celebrate milestones in their love story by recreating beautiful images from their past and what was created is pretty special.

Images were captured by Will Reddaway Photography.

Will Reddaway is a Devon wedding photographer.

He loves capturing images that tell an authentic story and capture the raw emotions of a wedding day.

He also loves photographing people out in pumping surf, and in beautiful locations across the South West.


He says of the shoot…


When Agnes & Kestas came to me talking about a couples photo shoot on the beach to celebrate their wedding anniversary I had no idea it was going to turn out the way it did.

In the run up to the shoot there wasn’t too much talk of overly stylising things but the week before we were due to shoot we started talking about picnic scenes and some photos in the sea too.

As well as photographing weddings I also shoot water and underwater work so when Agnes spoke about some photos of the two of them playing in the sea I jumped at the idea immediately.

The whole couples shoot thing started for Agnes and Kestas in 2008 when they had a pre-wedding photo shoot back home in Lithuania on the Baltic coastline.

So when it came to this anniversary shoot we looked to recreate some of the poses and images that had been taken way back the first time.


Our shoot took place on a September evening on a beach in Torbay, we had done well with the weather and were on the beach just before sunset.

We started the shoot with a picnic scene which was really fun and, in my usually documentary style of photographing, was very natural.

As the beach cleared we then focused on some images of the couple walking along the shoreline, again with a really natural intimate feel to the images.

After that it was time to get in the water, at this time of year the sea has had all summer to warm up so after a slight initial shock the water wasn’t too cold for us all.

We had a great time shooting different ideas in the water, recreating some of the poses from their photo shoot back in 2008 and trying some new ideas too.

Overall it was an awesome shoot, Agnes & Kestas are an amazing couple [there aren’t too many couples who would be up for getting in the sea for a photo shoot with onlookers wondering what on earth was going on] and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


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