A Little Bit of Oooh La La – A Cherish the Dress in Paris – Images by Stuart Craig Photography

Today I am thrilled about sharing this amazing Cherish the Dress captured by the fabulous Stuart Craig.  If you are a romantic, the mention of beautiful Paris should stir your heart strings.

Stuart is a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland and covers weddings and civil partnerships throughout the country.

Stuart shot the Wedding of Jane and Christopher recently which you can see here.

Now in follow up to that, Stuart shares his soujourn in this wonderful city with the lovely couple,

“Walking out into the streets of Paris came as a bit of a shock. Somewhat weary from travel, our recce began with a stroll in the direction of the Eiffel Tower in order to look for ideas and locations to shoot the following day.”

“Several hours later, we were still walking and soon realised that Paris is a huge, urban sprawling mass not dis-similar to a city like London.”

“Nevertheless, we did our homework en-route and soon had a plan for the following day. It would kick off with an early 5am start to beat the crowds.”

“We turned up clutching a Paris number plate purchased the day before and took the opportunity to do a planned shot which would not be possible with people in the background.”

“Believe it or not, despite the ungodly hour there were still a few tourists walking around so a bit of patience was required before we managed the clapperboard shot.”

“A stroll to the famous Bir-Hakeim bridge followed where our warm up continued on the steps. Some romantic graffiti on a bench soon caught my eye as Jane and Christopher kissed in the background.”

“With sore legs from all our walking (Jane actually had a nasty blister!) we soon got acquainted with the cities metro system and began using it to explore. I immediately loved it, revelling at the unique light and the opportunity to shoot on the move.”

“In fact, it was becoming part of the story as we moved from location to location with increasing confidence. The morning session ended in a bizarre double phone box. My favourite frame shows Chris doing a ‘you’ve been fired’ impression as Jane’s bridal brolly got caught in the wind behind me.”

“After a break, we gathered at reception to agree a plan for the afternoon session which was shaping up as the main event. Their story continued underground where a bit of product placement was creeping into the background.”

“It fitted well with the shopping trip theme even if Chris needed a prod or two to remain awake. Perhaps he was dreaming of a cold beer! It had been a long day already by the time we finally reached the Arc de Triomphe and began mingling with the Saturday afternoon crowds. Now we were being watched.”

“All eyes were on the happy couple, that is until they strolled past a bright yellow Lamborghini. You couldn’t miss it really! Yours to drive for a mere 89 Euros the sign said, but we had enough glamour to play with and only stopped when we came across two apple billboards.”

“It was a touching scene as Jane and Chris got interactive and the resulting shot carried a large slice of luck. The frame below was the only one which passers by did not spoil, and the moment only lasted for a fraction of a second. iLike.”

“Further branding followed, this time prompted by Jane as she spotted her new surname. It even came with a love heart would you believe! The sheer size of the Virgin Megastore was impressive, so much so that Jane and Christopher looked somewhat dwarfed by comparison.”

” This time we got a helping hand as a group of local woman spotted me waiting for a break in the crowds (which wasn’t looking likely!) and decided to start directing traffic. It was all done in french and seemed remarkably efficient to us.”

“A final underground trip in a packed train brought us to the point of no return. It was time to buy a padlock and make our way to Lover’s bridge.”

“In time honoured tradition, couples write their name on a padlock, lock it to the fence of the bridge, and throw away the key in the river.”

“A crowd of tourists had gathered, barely believing their luck at witnessing a real bride and groom doing just that. A round of applause rang out as Jane and Chris sealed the deal in a unique way which I have never witnessed before.”

“It was a unique trash the dress, completely different from last years Venice trip, and a worthy sequel and hopefully worth that big blister! Below is a final photograph we took on the morning of departure, just for fun of course. Funnily enough, it was the only time we saw sunshine throughout the shoot, but who cares. Underground proved the place to be with this cool couple. I hope they stay padlocked together forever!”

 Thanks to Stuart for sharing such fantastic images. I absolutely love this, it has captured the essence of this sprawling metropolis but equally captured the enormous love between Jane and Christopher and what a wonderful place to capture those extra happy memories.

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    What a beautiful post! Stunning images too.

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    Great shoot and love the more urban side of Paris that is sometimes left out of cherish the dress shoots.

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