Celebrating 55 years of Love and Commitment

Today I am thrilled to share a celebration of 55 years of togetherness, a beautiful reminder that love is a commitment of humility, patience, and forgiveness that should be cherished.

Love in the grand scheme of our lives is all that truly matters, its what makes us human, and what can make each day worthwhile.

Love comes in many forms and its not all about romantic love, but that in itself is infinitely special.

We all yearn for that deep connection with others, to feel that trust, respect, and where you can be really honest with each other.

Where you can work through challenges in life together where many can falter.

In a culture that often treats love and marriage as disposable, Judi and Dave are a couple that have a beautiful and rare story of just the opposite.

Photographer Hannah Forsberg has the joy to know these incredible individuals and captured some spectacular imagery to celebrate this momentous life event.

She says of the couple…


Not only are they such a joy to be around and wonderful mentors, but they are also dear friends.

I’ve had the privilege of watching their marriage for years and the way they love each other unconditionally is an inspiration and testament to the popular verse that is so often recited during weddings — “Love never fails.”

While getting coffee with Judi and hearing her advice on relationships and marriage, I realized that I needed to share their story with the world.


During the wedding planning process, it is so easy in this visually-driven society we live in to become caught up in the things that will pass away – forgetting that your marriage is what matters most and that it is hard work.

Love goes beyond the wedding day. You only have your venue for a few hours, your flowers will fade, your wedding dress will go into storage, and your wedding album will be sitting on your living room table.

But your marriage? That is what matters most and that is what will have the lasting effect.



Photographer: Hannah Forsberg 

Film Lab: The Find Lab

Florist: Ginger Rose

Hair stylist and makeup artist: Erin Ryser

Calligraphy: Morphosis Studio

Cake: Gingerspice Bakery

Lace Top: BHLDN


To Contact Hannah Forsberg 

Website: https://www.hannahforsberg.com/

Email: hannah@hannahforsberg.com

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