Friendship is Queen….The Story of a Crown.

Sometimes just when you lose faith in human nature, someone reminds you that you are valued, and thats why I believe that friendship is Queen.

Friendship is something I hold in high regard, someone that will listen, stick up for you, is loyal, celebrates your small achievements and is there when you feel the rest of the world isn’t.

I haven’t known Valerie of TrifleRabbit for very long, but in that time friendship has blossomed and I hope she feels as supported by me as I am by her.

Yesterday Valerie sent me a gift with such meaning, I cried!


Alison tiara TrifleRabbit


The Gift was in Celebration of being No.1 UK Wedding Tweeter for 1 Year.

Valerie thought as I was Queen of the List I should really have a wee Crown, and it is stunning!


Alison tiara 2 TrifleRabbit


Valerie says of the design, “I had to find the right pieces for it to “say” what I wanted it to say.”


To Create the piece I used,


“Vintage Bird of Paradise brooch: Had to be a bird to represent tweets, but a Bird of Paradise to represent best wedding tweets.”

“Vintage marcasite thistle brooch and vintage marcasite and enamel thistle brooch: To represent Scotland.”
“Vintage ear of grain marcasite brooch:  To represent your listening skills.”
“Two vintage marcasite floral brooches:  To represent the bouquets you deserve.”
“Swarovski crystals: To represent your sparkle.”
I can’t thank Valerie enough for this beautiful gift, I will be honoured to wear such a beautiful, meaningful design.
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