“Laska” – A Slovakian Love – Creative Couples Shoot – Images by A.B Weddings

Pictures should tell a story and its always wonderful when the story told is about Love. Today I am absolutely giddy about sharing this really creative Couples shoot from AB Weddings.


AB Weddings are based in Edinburgh Scotland where they have been based for the last 7 years since moving from Slovakia.

They say about their Photography, “We like people who value creativity. Rebellious individuals who dare to be different. We love to be challenged. We love the alternative, the considered, the quirky and the unique. Vintage, bohemian, boutique, chic, flamboyant or beautifully simple.”

Up until now much of their work has been based in the Portraiture market, but since launching properly in September they are looking to take the Scottish Wedding Market by storm.

I caught up with Andrea to find out a wee bit about them and she is delighted to share AB’s fantastic imagery on the Blog,

“My name is Andrea, and together with my husband Brano we are AB Weddings

“Until now majority of our clients were from Slovakia were we originated from. We moved to the UK in 2004 and have been based in Edinburgh since 2005.”

“We have only shot a few weddings here in Scotland with couples who were friends. We are really new to the UK market , so I am concentrating on the marketing side of the business and second shooting, and Brano is the main photographer.”

“Neither of us studied photography in school, but Brano has a strong background from earlier years. His father owned a photo lab, where he started as  a 14 year old developing films, and learning everything about the magic of film photography.”

“A few years later he started shooting Weddings, and worked as a forensic photographer for the Police in Slovakia.”

“His knowledge of the technical side of the photography and equipment is what amazes people and
photographers the most. ( I personally think he should be teaching photography.)”

“I kind of fall into Photography thanks to him in 2005 when we bought me my first digital camera…and I have been learning from him ever since.”

“We are perfectionists and have 2 mottos “Good photographs are not expensive…they are priceless” and “quality should come over quantity”.

“We really pride ourselves on quality and attention we put in every picture, not only in post processing but also in preparation for the day ( Couples Shoot).”

“Normally we plan and discuss with the couple their day, their personality, our ideas, locations , theme and story for their shoot over about a month and it is our couples shoot that is our speciality.”

We, and our couples prefer to do this on a different day than their wedding. (we call this the Love/Trash/Rock
the Dress).  In Slovakia where we come from couples prefer to have their portraits done before the actual wedding. it is very ” IN ” and they spent sometimes 5-6 hours with the photographer.”

“The whole advantage of this is that the couple doesnt need to leave their wedding party, feel under pressure or stressed,  plus it gives us the freedom to choose multiple locations, create a story within the shoot and really give the clients our full attention.
Our aim is to capture the “real couple” … as they are…their personality…their love…”

“We dont create magazine style pictures (even though we can), where only the beauty counts.”

“We want their children and grandchildren to look at the wedding album and be like: “You really were crazy people. And in love!”

“People who book us are in love with photography as much as we are, passionate and creative individuals.”

“The couple featured are Bruno and Slavka who were like ships in the night. They knew each through friends, and they knew each other existed, but never actually met.”

“Until one day thanks to Facebook, a relationship started growing..”

“A year and a half later there was wedding  bells…”

“They were both involved in the planning of this Couples Shoot, scouting for locations and props…We spent about 8 hours with them on Friday(day before the wedding) and it was amazing!”




Thanks to Brano and Andrea for sharing their stunning imagery, and my excitement about following up with this gorgeous couples Wedding is incredible…Coming up tommorow !


To add, A.B Weddings are currently running a competition on their Facebook page for couples getting married in 2013…

Not only will one couple win the AB Wedding Package worth £1699 free, but everyone that enters, will receive 10% off  their package if they book them for 2013.

Just comment on A.B Weddings Facebook page, why your wedding is special…theme?…location?…Wedding dress?

To Enter click HERE.

To Contact AB Weddings

Website: http://www.ab-weddings.com/

Email: info@abweddings.com

Phone: 0770 2247 955 – [Brano] or o744 5838 551 – [Andrea]

Blog: http://www.ab-weddings.com/blog.php

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/abweddings

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AB_Weddings


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