“Steadfast” – A beautiful coastal Anniversary shoot & a story of survival

Today it is my honour to share this beautiful coastal Anniversary shoot.

The first year of marriage can be a year of learning and discovering more about each other as a unit.

Life can be tremendously hard sometimes and throw things into the mix that are unexpected but its how we deal with it that matters.

Rachel and Vics story is one of endurance and survival, and a love that is steadfast and has grown through tough times.

This stunnng shoot was captured at Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, in the USA.

Images were captured by the talented Lindsey LaRue Photography.

Lindsey LaRue is a photographer specializing in weddings and anniversaries based in the beautiful state of Georgia.

She says of her work…”I’m If there is one thing that I want you to know about me it is that I am a believer in lifelong love.”

“I believe in finding your soulmate, exploring the world hand in hand, and growing old together. I believe in finding a love that may not be perfect, but it’s perfectly yours.”

“I’m a wife, an antique lover, a dog mom, and a houseplant enthusiast.”

“I love people, moments, culture, and experiencing life in an intentional way as much as possible.”

“Some of my quirkier aspects? I spend WAY too much time browsing in Anthropologie, love mango flavored anything, and one of my favorite things to do is put together jigsaw puzzles (the more pieces the better!).”


Lindsey shares her recollections of the couple and their shoot…

“Rachel and Vic’s love is a beautiful testament to a supportive, overcoming husband and wife relationship.”

“Only months after their wedding, Rachel was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.”

“Through medical treatments, losing hair, long nights, and exhausting days they have tackled more in their first year of marriage than many have to face in a decade.”

“They are the embodiment of leaning into each other so that you can stand strong together.”

“Rachel is now cancer free and they are joyfully anticipating the next 50 years of tackling life side-by-side.”


“Rachel & Vic joined me for an evening on Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island, Georgia so that we could document them in this stage of life.”

“Every anniversary session is incredibly special to me, but these images represent something even more- emerging together into the next phase of their life, cancer-free and stronger than ever.”

Thatnk yo so much to Lindsey for sharing this wonderful coastal anniversary shoot.

Marriage is a huge commitment, and a huge change in any persons life, and never more so when difficulty comes along in whatever form that is.

Being there for each other through the darkest of days and nurturing and supporting each other through that is what makes a formidable force and I wish the couple a long and happy marriage.

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    Such an amazing story! A true testament to the love and partnership that all of us should strive for!

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      Thank you Tamika, such an honour to share a story of survival, strength and commitment x

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