Tips for planning a 192O’s inspired Hen Party

Any Hen drawn to the life of the roaring twenties, a life of excess and extravagance could consider having a Great Gatsby themed hen party.

Filmed in Australia, The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo di Caprio, was probably one of the most anticipated films this year, and it gives plenty of inspiration from yesteryear to create your theme.




What’s not to like about the roaring twenties? It was a time of economic prosperity, the flapper culture, and jazz music.

It could be lovely to relive that time and for a bride-to-be wishing something a little more elegant for her Hen Party its a wonderful choice.


Here are some ways the theme can be achieved –


Dance the Charleston

A Great Gatsby themed hen party will not be complete without learning the moves! So, know how to dance to all that jazz by learning new dance steps with a professional dance instructor.

Aside from learning a new skill, a dance class is always loads of fun.

Not a lot of people might remember the fact that the Charleston was a popular dance craze, much like the Gangnam today, back in the twenties.

Its worldwide fame was remarkable as the internet did not exist then and the world was less open, but they were even dancing the Charleston in Paris, London, and Berlin.

There were many that considered the dance itself  provocative, but it probably got so popular because of its nature.

There have been a lot of variations of this particular dance in the 1930s and 1940s. Even so, the traditional Charleston moves can still be taught by an instructor.

Dress the Part

“The Flapper” was then the symbol of the modern woman. They had bob cuts, wore short skirts, listened to jazz, and flaunted their disdain for anything that was considered acceptable.

Coco Chanel was one of the most popular designers of that era and it is easy to see why that sort of fashion just never really goes out of style.

A flapper dress is usually loose and straight with the arms bare and some dresses had no straps at all. That was the time when women did without confining corsets and such dresses dropped to the waistline and hips.

High heels, hats, pins, rings, sequined headbands, horn-rimmed glasses, and strings of pearls were then popular as well.

Decorating the Venue

The best venue for a Great Gatsby themed party would be show stopping ballroom or a Venue where the architecture has been influenced by Art Deco.

Elegance and extravagance is the look you wish to achieve as the roaring twenties was known as a great decade before the Great Depression of the 1930s occurred.

A simple pallette of black and white is both classy and easy to create.

Feathers, pearls, candles and lots of glitz can be added for opulence and cocktails shall be order of the day.

More hen party ideas can be influenced by the movie itself, listening to jazz music, and looking at Coco Chanel’s work…her style is inspirational.




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