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Today I welcome you to a brand new start for me in the form of the  MrsPandP Wedding Blog, and a positive step to taking my Business to the next level.

Now most of you know I am no shrinking violet, but neither am I overly confident either.

I often find myself having a crisis of confidence, not for the reason that I feel I can’t do something, but for the fact that its is sometimes hard to make others understand what I want to do, or the direction I want to go.

Well today, I stand strong !

I know the direction I want to go, I know what I want to do, but the steps that need to be taken to get to the point I wish to be at, arechallenging and fraught with stumbling blocks.

This new  Wedding Blog marks a new dawn in the world of Mrs P and P and my Business.

With this new  Wedding Blog I want to share each step I take in building up Plans and Presents and also want to share creative Wedding and Party ideas, some beautiful Real Weddings to inspire your own Big Days, and to introduce you to interesting new suppliers  and Venues that might be just what you are looking for.

I am PASSIONATE about the Scottish /U.K Wedding and Events Industry, and my place in is to be the best support I can, to be a guide and to educate !

The last two and a half years, whilst being difficult have also been some of the happiest of my life.
I feel that at times I have made a really difference and have touched peoples lives, and opportunities that
have come my way  have been more than I could ever have imagined.

Its been said that Confidence comes from knowing what you sell is what people want.

Well, I am sure in my mind that my ethos to be an affordable reassurance is something that is valued, and the service I provide of the highest standard.

I have found also that I have found my greatest strengths in challenge, and I thrive on the difficult situation and doing my damnedest to turn it around.

This grit and determination spurs me on in my mission to be a force in the Scottish Wedding Industry,

At risk of sounding bitter [but today I am feeling a little bit brave] being in the North can feel like a huge disadvantage
to a Wedding Industry that is firmly based in the South.

It is shared belief of suppliers that, out in the big wide wedding world, anything north of the border is considered a little twee, that we’re not as creative or innovative, however, this is far from the truth.

At the risk of sounding a little Brave-heart like but hey, I am Scottish, I will shout, and I will shout about the value of
each and every Wedding Supplier up here that does their very best every day to ensure clients Events are amazing.

Those that know me , know that I have the gift of the Gab and am not backwards about coming forwards so it will be a case of Watch Out World because this lady just took a big step forward.

I may not be an innovator, I might be seen as not  very interesting but I work very hard and I am a tryer.

Its felt that you have to have that significant Niche to make yourself special.
However I want to be seen as someone that is open to all.

I don’t want to tag myself with one specific genre of Wedding and Event, as I believe each event is individualistic and my job is to work with people to get what they want, so I see putting myself into one particular Sector is cutting myself off.

That may be seen as silly, that I don’t have a “Thing” but I see myself as someone for Everyone.
Some people may not like that but that’s just me.

I have also been reminded that for every profitable
successful Business, you need to take a step back, pause for breathe and re-evealuate to move forward.
I think I have achieved this with the publication of this new Wedding Blog and I really hope that you like it !

I would like to say a huge thank you to Yvonne Cassells of Angelfins who has played a major technical part in helping me bring you this new Blog. I  would also like to say thank you to Mark Timm [Photographer]  for providing me with the images for my sparkly new header which has been lovingly created by the fabulous Ces Loftus.

It has also said that when someone says you can’t, you will find a way to prove that you can, and thats a
philosophy that I abide by.

I am fired up to go out and to just dive headlong after my dreams, I have confidence that even though things take time, I will achieve everything that I wish for.

So today I wear a smile and say Hello to renewed verve, and a New confidence to go far!

So thank you with all my heart for supporting me, and I hope I can count on that continued support.

If you would like some help with your Event, I would be thrilled to work with you, and I can be contacted by the Blog Contact form, through my email or through my Website.



UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    Well done and good luck with everything ! Look forward to following your blogx

    1. Reply

      Thank you Jill, I really appreciate your kind words. I really hope you enjoy the Blog. x

  2. Reply

    Fantastic, Alison. Great to see you continually moving forward with the wedding business.
    Kind regards

  3. Reply

    Yay – well done! Looking forward to following it all, always shout if you need help with anything! 🙂 x

  4. Reply

    Well said Alison! I have followed you for some time now on FB and Twitter and wish you well with the new blog 🙂 I too feel that both the wedding and design industry is firmly entrenched in the south and although there is some recognition for wedding professionals and designers north of Watford Gap it is people like you that are forging the way. 🙂

    1. Reply

      Thank you Anne Marie. Sometimes I worry it sounds bitter but its not speculation, its Wedding Industry fact, I appreciate your support.
      Jay & Chris Thanks so much for your kind words and continued support, it means a lot x

  5. Reply

    Well done Alison! You are an inspiration to us all x

  6. Reply

    Loving the look of the new blog!
    I wish you all the luck in the world with your continued success.
    Taking the business one step further and to the “next level”.
    You go girl!
    I will be an avid follower!
    Julie x

  7. Reply

    Loving the new blog, I will be following as always!
    Good luck

    1. Reply

      Thanks for all your lovely comments guys, I really appreciate all the input and kind words x

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    Hi Alison,

    Congratulations for taking the time to look at your business and having the courage to make changes.

    The path to success is seldom a straight line, it is full of twists and turns. You have accepted that and persevered so I know you will soon have all that you want.

    I truly believe that you have a niche, it’s not specific to a type of bride or event but you specialize in weddings in the North, working with the best vendors in the area, creating events that allow clients to have the weddings they dream of and may have thought would only be possible if they were south of the border.

    I’ll continue to follow your growth and success.


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    Congratulations on your beautiful new blog Alison!! Love it!!
    Keep up the hard work! 🙂

    Easy Wedding Search

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    Congratulations and best of luck Alison. I wish you continued success in everything you do. I look forward to reading more posts on your blog. x

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