Why doing your Best is never 2nd Best

Earlier in the week, I wrote an analogy about the crossover of the Wedding Industry we are part of, and one of the greatest sporting events our country has ever seen – The Olympics – A Wedding Analogy.

Today I feel I have to make a follow up to that post in support of our Olympic athletes, and our colleagues in the Wedding Industry.

In whatever job we do we strive to be our very best. Sometimes that effort is rewarded in terms of awards and accolades, sometimes that is through the testimonials of our clients.

Whatever way appreciation is shown of our great work and efforts then that is amazing that we have been able to be part of something special and be rewarded.

In the last few days it has greatly saddened me of the disappointment of the media when athletes have succeeded in the momentous achievement of gaining a medal, but it has been seen as not quite good enough.

And even worse the athletes themselves are feeling, or have been made to felt not worthy, and just not good enough.

To respond to this I just have to say how proud I am of Team GB, what they have done in the last week has been nothing short of incredible.

Doing your very best, using everything within in you, and making great achievements should never be seen as second best just because it isn’t a specific colour or have a specific tag.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have been in tears with utter national pride from the passion these people have for their sport.

To even get to this platform has taken immense talent and years of training and investment of time, and to be able to even have the chance to win is worth a medal in itself.

Within our industry too we invest time, our passion, and talent to make the Big Days of our clients the climax to their own personal journey, and we should feel great pride in taking part in these special times.

Whether we win in our Business life, or whether we don’t, or whether we nearly do shouldn’t make us be seen as anything less than those that have.

So what I say to our Media is PLEASE get behind and support our Athletes, we are doing so well and  a medal is a medal. . its completely momentous to be Olympic athlete never mind win ANY colour.

And look at us, in the few short days since I wrote the other article, we have gone from 20th to 3rd in the Medal Table….that outstanding.

In the same way, like our Athletes we must do our very very individual best but as part of the Wedding Industry we must make a real effort to get behind each other, and support each other,  and together like Team GB we can inspire a Nation and be part of our clients #GreatestTeam

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