A Ballad to the Wedding Industry ~ Poetic Injustice

The Pandemic has been a difficult time for the Wedding Industry, with an increasing sense of societal unfairness so today I wrote a poem describing the  discrimination the sector and couples have, and continue face to against the blatant hypocrisy of our Leaders.

I am no Pam Ayres but its an outlet to let out all the upset, and crippling disappointment we all feel.

wedding industry, poem


A Ballad to the Wedding Industry ~ Poetic Injustice


Planning a Big Day should be a time of joy and gladness,

But couples have been plunged into a time of uncertainty and sadness,

Precious moments of togetherness, and of celebration,

Have been replaced with a feeling of societal segregation.


Government doesn’t care, and values Entertainment over Life Events,

They create speculation, and fear through fallacies of Weddings they invent,

Couples feel more desperate, overwhelmed, angry and lost,

With many months of psychological pain and financial cost,


The plans they had have been plunged into a bottomless abyss,

Their plea’s for the day they dreamed of summarily dismissed,

Days stripped back and chipped away to a husk of what imaginings once were,

The harshest guidance, and the tightest rules to which they must adhere.


Working in weddings the restriction was a niggling irritation,

That grew and grew through no clarity to a bubbling frustration,

Building to a volcanic peak of erupting exasperation,

Through incredible disparity, and a sense of total elimination.


There’s no logic, no science, no empathy or understanding,

The damage is great due to Government mishandling,

The fury is monumental, do we feel vexed, do we feel bitter?

It feels very tough and arduous always being viewed as the runt of the litter.


The reality of what we’ve faced as an Industry is brutal,

With no endgame its never ending and perpetual,

No income, no support, Government and media on the attack,

It has, and is, a frightening place to be when those in power don’t have your back.


Our voices may be small but together we are a powerful alliance,

We’ll keep standing tall, in confrontation and defiance,

We are fighting for our special days, our careers and our lives,

Never underestimate our tenacity, and our will to survive.


wedding industry, poem

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