A sensual and romantic riverside Engagement shoot at Ilkley

Today I am thrilled to share this amazing, sensual and romantic riverside Engagement shoot at Ilkley.

Images were captured by Bailey and Mitchell Photography.

riverside engagement shoot

Bailey and Mitchell are a Husband and Wife duo specialising in Wedding, Lifestyle and Travel photography.

Their documentary style approach is simple, natural and relaxed.


I hand over to Emily to share the story of the shoot…


When you get the chance to shoot a couple who are totally up for kicking back by a campfire, squishing marshmallows in each others faces, dancing in a river and having a good old fashioned laugh…you just have to do it!

And so a lovely Monday afternoon was spent in the beautiful surroundings of the Ilkley river banks with Meg and Cameron, a real life couple who also happen to both be real life models.

Of course in true British summer style, the weather was seriously unpredictable.

Mid heatwave sun one minute, and rain showers the next, but we decided to embrace it!

Think splashing in the river in the sun and cuddling in a blanket for kisses in the rain. Total rom-com vibes!


The most important part of any couples shoot is being able to spend some time showing off your personality and your relationship.

Everyone is different, some couples are silly and fun and some are quiet and romantic, so each shoot is totally individual to them!

Meg and Cameron were an amazing combination of both and this led to some incredible shots.


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Phone: 07738307813

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