Being a Chameleon – Change your life – A Personal Post

Much like a chameleon with the animal superpower of changing its colour to suit its environment, sometimes we as people need to make a change to suit our circumstance.

The last few months have been incredibly difficult for me with some serious challenges to my health that have caused me to rethink everything.

Taking time out in the Summer was very much needed to give me time to think but also weigh up the future.

Though I thought my time in Australia would help recharge the batteries so to speak, I realised then that it didn’t, and more concrete changes were needed to preserve my health.




So with a lot of thought, a lot of soul searching and a lot of tears I have had to make the decision to change the way I work and believe me that is scary….


From now Plans and Presents will work on a Consultative basis only.

This means I will still work with clients for Wedding  and Event Design, as a Venue/Supplier and Gift  finding resource etc. but working more on the  administrative side of planning Weddings and Events.

Sadly from a physical point of view and with the issues I have been facing I am unable to be involved in the practical side anymore.


This is not the end, but hopefully a new brighter beginning.

These words encapsulate what I have come to realise pretty quickly recently…




Being based more on the administrative side allows me more time to commit to the Plans and Presents Blog.

The readership is steadily growing and I am finding the niche that I wanted to create.

In a world that thinks you need that one special thing to set you apart, to make you different from your competitors, I am  me…I am all encompassing…broad minded…generalistic, whatever you want to call it!

Sometimes, its OK for everything not to be so clearly defined, its OK to be allowed to have different passions, to be able to talk about different things.

I won’t ever say NO to a Client, because what they want to do is outside some set pattern, my job is to work with them to get what they want (within reason) so sticking myself to a particular niche would exclude that possibility.

From the Blog point of view, I won’t say to a Bride, a Photographer, a Business that NO their style won’t suit based on a niche basis, it will be on its individual merits.

I want my Blog to reflect me and my personality in showing the people person that I am.

I want the Blog to be welcoming, helpful and informative to anyone that visits it, and have some snippets that can be helpful to all sorts of genre.

Identifying what people want is always a work in progress, and the market, the Wedding Industry, and trends evolve constantly, I hope I can run with that and evolve along with the pace.

I want to really thank my Blog Sponsors who are a great support and who I am blessed to work with.

I love working with, and being an advocate for small Business and I hope to continue and nurture those special relationships as I adapt the Business,  and welcome some fabulous new Sponsors into the fold.


Aside from everything on the work side, Australia has taught me that moments are precious.

We visited so many amazing places and had such wonderful experiences that will stay in my heart forever, and I actually rested (well a bit!)

As a family it gave us time to reconnect which sometimes doesn’t happen so much in the hub bub of life.

It gave me the opportunity to reflect that at the end of the day, the ones that you cuddle up to, the ones whose shoulders you cry on, the ones that listen when no one else does and the ones that let you strop but still actually love you are most important.

My kids are growing up and being there for them as they blossom is so important, sometimes I have felt so guilty and I needed to redress that balance, being the best mum I can be but also being a good provider for them.

My husband also deserves a less tired, more healthy wife and I am lucky that he loves me, and is such an incredible support to me (minus his rubbish housework capabilities!)


So that is my wee announcement, a change in pace but hopefully for the better.

This amazing song is basically my War Cry ….Change your life …..and take it all!




I so love the Wedding Industry and the amazing people within it, and despite the changes I need to make I hope I can continue to be of value,  so I would really appreciate your support in this change of direction.


Image Credit: MrsPandP by Jonathan Ryan Photography


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    All the very best with this new direction, Alison. As someone who has recently made big changes myself (closing my business), and plans not only to make more changes (possible emigration!) but also to help other people make changes in their lives (via my new business), I know how hard this sort of thing can be. I am sure you are making a good decision, and that you will make a success of this.

    I’m currently writing an ebook on positivity. You sound like you are at the very least coming around to this decision being a positive one (if you’re not there already!) so I don’t know that you need it exactly, but if you’d like a copy when it’s finished, please let me know (it is a nice easy read 🙂 ). Likewise, if there is anything you feel I can help with, just ask.


    1. Reply

      Hi Liz, I would love a copy of your E Book. It was a huge decision and I am yet to see how things will pan out.
      New website to reflect new services in the works and shall continue making improvements with the Blog.
      It has been hard. Even though it needed to be done, telling clients, and working through my emotions has been a difficult process but I know in my heart its the best decision. Thanks for caring x

      1. Reply

        Then you shall have one! I hope to have it done within the next week, so I’ll fire you over a copy as soon as it’s there. Seriously, if you want to bounce thoughts off someone, let me know, it’s all good experience for my new business venture 🙂

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    Well said Alison and I wish you all the very best with the changes you are making. Health and family are so important and I know you will continue to improve the lives of all those who you come into contact with whether through the Blog or in person by way of your very caring and supportive nature. Sending lots of love your way. Kerry. xx

    1. Reply

      Thanks Kerry, I really hope I continue to provide value although I can’t be involved practically anymore x

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    Totally agree with where you are coming from Alison. Every now and then, we need to sit back and evaluate things. Look at the world differently and our role within it.

    Balance and harmony within work is one thing, but most important is the time and connection we have with the people we love and cherish.

    All the best with the new direction xx

    1. Reply

      Thank you Linus. Have thought long and hard and its been an extremely emotional time but I believe this is the best direction for me, my family and my work now x

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    It’s great that you’ve carved out a niche that allows you to work in a way that suits you and your family better, Alison – it’s what we all strive for! Excited to see all the good things your new direction brings.

    Annie x

    1. Reply

      Thanks Annie, I am hoping that changes I have made work for me. We just have to go on striving x

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    Hi Alison, there’s nothing like a change to shake up your tail feathers and I just know that the way that you want to continue with your business will be brilliant and continue to be a massive source of inspiration to the people you work with! Changes = adventures and I wish for your new adventures to be fabulous!!! xxx

    1. Reply

      Thanks so much Lucy. I hope it is the start of a brand new adventure. I want to get the new website to reflect new direction sorted as soon as possible and upgrade the Blog, and to be a success I will value continued support. I value your support and please send me more of your beautiful work x

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    Hi Alison, I know we chatted several months ago when I reached out to you to consider making some changes in your business. As I told you back then, I felt you were crying out to make changes that would see you get back to enjoying running your business again. I’m so pleased to see you’ve decided on a new path for you and your family to get some balance back in your life. I wrote a blog post today about one of the joys of running our own businesses is that if we don’t want to do something any more we don’t have to. Nobody is forcing us to do anything we no longer get any enjoyment or satisfaction from. If we can’t only do the bits we enjoy, what’s the point of being our own boss? No point offering services and products that are not fulfilling us just because we think we “should”. Design your own business, write your own job description to suit you and your family and concentrate on building a business and a brand that you can enjoy. I think you will start to feel a lot more positive about everything again.

    Best of luck with everything.

    1. Reply

      Hi Christine, I took all that on board.
      I enjoy my work, and I know things a few months ago were challenging in a few areas but this decision made more down to physical issues.
      My body told me I couldn’t consinue as was so these changes necessary to move on.
      It was an emotional decision but its right for all of us and my health x

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    Alison, I read this with surprise but also with a smile – you sound so much happier now that have made a decision that suits both your business and you and your family. It is so hard to juggle both at times, and when all is said and done, our children and husbands are amazing and they need us as much as we need them. Your new plan sounds like you’ve got the best of both worlds. I’m really happy for you and look forward to seeing your new direction progress xxxx

    1. Reply

      Hi Polly, The decision needed to be made for my health so I would be around to enjoy my family. The pressure is off a little now and do feel relieved x

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    Hi Alison,

    All the best with your change of direction. You are a lovely person well respected in the wedding industry so you will have continued support.

    I know all too well the devastation an illness can cause after being diagnosed with breast cancer and believe me my priorities and goals have changed as a result. Hopefully we can meet up again next year when I am recovered.

    Best Wishes
    Janet x

    1. Reply

      Hi Janet, I would love to meet up again. I wish it could be at the Awards but think you may have just finished treatment then. Shall be down manchester way in summer though. I hope the treatment goes smoothly and you start to feel more like yourself really soon x

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    Hi Alison

    I have just read the above with tears in my eyes.

    When Just For Eve was very new you were the first to offer us a blog write up so you have always been kind of a little bit special to me.

    What a very brave decision you have made – I wish you all the very best.


    Ali –

    1. Reply

      Thanks Ali, will always be here for support. I am not going anywhere. The old engine just needed some work to work better. Hopefully new direction and bit of a physical slow down will keep me around for a long time x

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    As you know Ali, I am in and out of social media all the time but I do somehow manage to get back to your blog because it is a special place. You will be successful with drawing your focus on it. I am so sorry to hear that you have had some health issues but you are a very determined woman and you will make it work! All the very best!

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    Such a genuine and from the heart post Alison. Sounds like a very sensible and much needed decision. x

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